Oct 10 2017

Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies: Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Lifts #oaks #rehab



Some of the categories of products that are available for purchase online or at our Sherman Oaks showroom include:

People who are looking for an affordable mobility solution often consider manual wheelchairs. These items can come in a variety of types, including wheelchairs specifically made to assist with travel, light wheelchairs for use when playing sports and heavy duty wheelchairs for larger individuals. Other types of manual wheelchairs have unique uses to assist with the care and treatment of a person, such as transport wheelchairs for getting a person to and from doctor’s visits and other appointments.

Power wheelchairs give patients additional mobility by allowing them to move with the assistance of an electric motor. A person can use a power wheelchair as their everyday wheelchair or purchase a specially-designed travel wheelchair that folds up for easy storage after it is used. Other power wheelchairs are made to help people who are getting used to using a wheelchair after an accident, and wheelchairs specifically made for pediatric patients.

Getting into and out of a recliner can be extremely difficult for the elderly or people with mobility issues caused by problems with their hips, knees or other joints. One solution to this is a lift chair, which is a special recliner that tilts forward to make it easier for a person to sit down or stand up. Lift chairs are available in a range of attractive styles, fabrics and colors, making them not just useful but also comfortable and attractive.

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious medical problem that experts believe impacts one in every 15 Americans. The condition is marked by shallow breaths or even a temporary stoppage of breathing when a person sleeps. At minimum, it leads to snoring and sleepless nights for the sufferer and their partner. At worst, it can be fatal. Sleep therapy machines such as CPAP machines can assist patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea to sleep peacefully through the night.

Many older people can struggle to get around because of mobility issues. Not being able to walk long distances comfortably can lead to them staying inside and not visiting friends or enjoying activities they love. Mobility scooters give people back their freedom and their quality of life. These electric scooters range from foldable scooters designed for travel to sturdy models with longer battery lives that are meant for everyday use in the home or around town.

People who are confined to home care for long periods of time need the comfort, safety and features found in a hospital bed. Their caregivers need to be able to provide them with services, while they need to feel comfortable while resting or recuperating. Hospital beds can run the gamut from basic manual models to full electrical models with controls to raise and lower the head, feet or place a person in any number of positions.

Caregivers can struggle when assisting their patients to get out of bed or stand up. It’s not uncommon for caregivers to have aches and pains at the end of the day, or even possibly more serious muscle and joint injuries. Patient lifts help to keep caregivers healthy by providing an assist when a patient needs to be lifted. The use of patient lifts can also help the patient remain safe when being transported.

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