Jan 12 2018

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Personal Loans South Africa Home, Student, Vehicle Finance Online Loans

if you are looking for a source of easy and quick loans or personal loans south africa you should consider going to the bank to inquire about personal loans. every now and then, we need some source of money to cover expenses that arise unexpectedly. the savings might be running low and we don’t want to borrow from friends or relatives. what is more convenient than getting a personal loan? just by your signature alone, you will get the cash you need. this is because this is an unsecured loan with no collateral that a bank can give you.

you should also consider the other side of the coin which is the high interest rate of this loan. this is especially true if your credit score is not good and you would want a quick loan. you might encounter some loan sharks that might give you extra high rates. other than that, this is convenient because you do not put any collateral like a house at risk.

if you have a good credit history and is of good standing with a bank, you can get a personal loan from your bank. maintaining good payment history with your personal loans can also improve your credit score.

Types of Online Loans South Africa

home loans

if you are looking for to finance your dream home, you should consider taking out a home loan. a home is the most important asset one can invest in. it is where you go home to after a hard day’s work. instead of renting a house where you do not build up equity, why not buy house that you could call your own?

this will be a big and expensive loan to take so make sure you are up to it. at first, your payments will be going towards settling the interest more than the principal. as you keep on paying, the principal will also diminish over time. the more you pay, the faster the amortization period will be settled. this will make a huge difference in the total payments you would be paying.

there are no guaranteed approvals for home loans especially if you have a bad credit history. you should consider that getting such a big loan will be a big responsibility so you should be up to the task. banks will make sure that before lending big amount, you have the capacity to pay back the loan because they would not want you to default on making any future payments.

student loans

if you are looking for an assurance of getting ahead and be successful, you should consider getting a student loan. a good education is an important investment towards earning a good spot in the job market in the future. nowadays, there is stiff competition on how one gets hired and that added plus factor could be your education.

a student loan can be the first loan that you would have in your life. student loans are funds that are available to help finance your education. if you have enough savings to pay for school, then you do not need one.

you should also consider not taking a private student loan unless you absolutely have to. they have higher interest rates, substandard extra fees, and require cosigners or good credit history.

student loans however are not paid during the course of your studies. you will only start paying these loans upon the completion of your education. this could on one hand since you will not be burdened by unnecessary interest payments while you are still studying and not yet earning. however, you have to prioritize paying the loan once you have finished your studies and have a steady source of income already.

vehicle finance loans

if you are looking to own your dream vehicle you should consider getting a vehicle finance loan. owning a vehicle is a necessity nowadays and not just a status symbol. it gets you to where you need to go. it is where your family rides on those long trips out of state. to go to the grocery, you need a car. this may not be as expensive as a home loan but this is also an important asset that you have to include in your list.

you should consider doing business with a reputable dealer who will assist you with all your requirements. buying a car is not something that happens too often, not unless you are very rich. a good dealer will be able to help you with the ins and outs of the trade. make sure that you have car insurance with your loan. this is a requirement that needs to be followed.

if the vehicle is older, it is not recommended that you finance your car for a long period of time. try not to get vehicle finance for longer than 3 years or you may end up with negative equity. you want a dream car and not a lemon.

consolidation loans

Loans consolidation

if you have multiple high interest loans that cost you a lot to repay each month, then you might be the perfect candidate for a consolidation loan.

there are basically two types of debt consolidation loans, but before we get into that lets explain what it is. consolidation loans allow you to merge multiple loans from one or many lenders, allowing you to have a single and hopefully lower interest rate. lower interest rates will potentially reduce your monthly repayments. if you do want to reduce your monthly payments you might even consider the same interest rate, over a longer period. paying off over a longer period will reduce monthly repayments regardless of the interest rate.

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