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Online Insurance Quote Dos and Don ts #credit #bureau

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Online Insurance Quote Dos and Don’ts

Published: June 2011

No doubt about it, the Internet has made shopping for auto insurance more convenient than ever. But there’s always the temptation to click, buy, and just be done with it without taking the time to think through your actual auto insurance needs.

Look Before You Leap

Before you get too click-happy, it’s a good idea to research the coverage that makes sense for your particular auto insurance situation.

If you’re an auto insurance rookie, we’ve put together a first-time auto insurance buyer’s guide to get you started, complete with information on getting quotes and an easy-to-understand overview of auto insurance coverage types.

If you already have auto insurance, jot down your current premium and coverage amounts (including deductibles), and note any discounts you’re receiving. Having your baseline premium and coverage amounts available for reference helps you make accurate comparisons as you shop.

Mind the (Insurance) Gap

A gap in auto insurance coverage occurs when you’re not covered by any policy at all. If you’re thinking of letting your current coverage lapse as you shop, here’s some good, free advice: Don’t!

More free advice: If you’re currently insured, don’t cancel your current auto insurance policy until your new policy is active. Once you’ve been notified that your new policy is in effect, it only takes a few minutes to call and cancel your old policy. If it’s easier, simply contact your agent who can handle this for you.

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