Mar 6 2018

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What Might Brexit Mean For Expat Finances?

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It’s still too early to tell for sure what the ramifications for either a ‘hard’ or a ‘soft’ Brexit might be, since there are other issues to consider, such as:

• Uncertainty over pension entitlements

• Interest rates that are below the rate of inflation. more .

Halloween Traditions in Countries Across the World

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If you’re new to another country or are looking to move abroad, you might be interested to find out what kind of Halloween celebrations you can look forward to enjoying. While some countries have festivals that can last several days, others celebrate this time of year in a very different way, and some barely acknowledge the event at all. We looked at some of the popular expat destinations to see what you might expect. more .

Expat Focus Financial Update October 2017

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Brexit Could Void Expat Pensions

How To Make The Most Of Your Retirement Abroad

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Whether you’re looking to spend sunny days by the waterfront or want to immerse yourself in cosmopolitan city life, retiring abroad can be an invigorating and exciting experience for those looking for a fresh start in their later years. We looked at ways you can make the most of your retirement overseas, taking into account financial issues such as pensions and property purchases, health considerations, and the sometimes daunting task of settling into a new culture. more .

Expat Focus Financial Update September 2017

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