Jan 21 2018

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finance car calculator

  • Finance car calculator

  • Finance car calculator



    We pride ourselves not only as the predominant private financier in South Africa but one of the top insurance brokers, car finding specialists and car finance hubs in South Africa.

    Finance car calculator

    MAJOR BANKS simultaneously applies to major banks guaranteeing the best interest rate and lowest fees.

    Finance car calculator


    We pride ourselves on being car finding specialists, a premium insurance broker and one of the top car finance hubs in South Africa

    Finance car calculator


    Because we deal directly with some of the top finance houses in South Africa we are able to get you the best interest rate.

    Finance car calculator


    We can afford to give you the lowest fees because we do not have the same overheads as some of the leading dealerships and or banks.

    to #NextLevel in car finance

    You are about to be introduced to Best Car Prices, Best Interest Rates, Best Trade In Assistance and Lowest Fees – GUARANTEED!

    At we do exactly what our name says – we finance your car. Your immediate reaction should be: Who finances my car and at what rate? Well, if your credit profile allows for it, your finance is placed with one of the major Banks in South Africa, at the best interest rates we can negotiate on your behalf. In most circumstances we will be able to get you a better rate than, say, a dealer can – reason being our volumes have earned us a favourable position with the major Banks. is so much more than just a finance house. Why spend hours of your valuable time to find the right car? Our vast dealer network gives us access to 1000’s of new used vehicles, allowing us to find you the best car at the best price. This means we can also give you the best Trade In Assistance. And because we don’t have the enormous overhead associated with bricks mortar dealerships, our fees are the lowest in the market! Best Deal and utter Convenience – #NextLevel.

    And if your credit profile is not what it should be? Don’t despair – we have alternative finance options that include personal loans and a rental scheme. Click on the “More” tab above to explore these options.

    Along with fast efficient service, this portal also offers information on car finance and a variety of tools for your convenience. Our tools include a car finance calculator, a loan calculator, a digital online finance application, real-time advice and expert car insurance. If you have a good credit profile, why not try our Consolidation Loan tab for a quotation? is our sister site that specialises in consolidating your debt into a single facility, almost sure to save you on your monthly repayments.


    For almost 10 years, Bikefin has been the leading financier of motorcycles in South Africa, enjoying a market share of 60% +. We have financed more than 30 000 motorcycles and our Brand is well-known in the motorcycle community and beyond. We pioneered the concept of a “Virtual F I Call Centre”. Other banks have followed our lead. An F I is the qualified person who assists you with your finance at a dealership. Fulfilling these functions from a centralized call centre dramatically reduces costs, allowing us to pass that saving on to you.

    Our range of services cater for people from every walk of life – from the executive with an A1 credit rating, the upstart who is buying his/her first vehicle.


    Click here to meet our highly skilled and super efficient team.


    You can submit your application in a number of ways:

    • Complete the quick application form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.
    • One of our qualified F I’s will call you to guide you through your finance process.

    Our automated back-end will submit your application to first tier financing institutions, such as MFC, ABSA and African Bank Vehicle Finance. You also have access to our personal loans facility, simultaneously submitting to at least three providers of personal loans.


    Whether you are buying from a dealer or from a private seller and need private vehicle finance, our countrywide network is for your convenience. See our section dealing with Private Finance for further detail.


    We have a range of specialist car insurance products to protect your investment. See our car insurance section. We trust our services are useful in your endeavours to get car finance. Please give us your suggestions, compliments or complaints here.


    Please feel free to use the links below to compare and affirm that our interest rate is the best:

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