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Updated on: Friday, February 27, 2015

When owning and operating a vehicle it is very important to have some form of insurance in case of damage/injury to your vehicle, you or others during a collision. Accidents are unpredictable and that is why it is necessary to purchase the proper insurance and coverage for you and your vehicle. will provide you with the critical information and advice you need to make the right decisions regarding your auto insurance.

Why Get An Insurance Quote?

Before purchasing car insurance or even if you already have a plan it is important to shop around for the right auto insurance provider. By obtaining more than one quote you ensure that you are getting the best offer. The providers listed on this page offer a free and convenient online application that makes getting your quote online quick and easy. The insurance companies listed on this page offer the most competitive rates in the industry and by getting multiple quotes for your auto insurance you’re likely to save a significant amount of money each month.

California Auto Insurance Articles

For more information about Auto Insurance in the state of California see the following articles:

California Car Insurance Quotes makes finding affordable car insurance coverage for your California vehicle easy. Get auto insurance quotes quickly and easily. Simple quotes are likely to save you hundreds of dollars each year.

California Car Insurance Regulations

California car insurance regulations. List of certified California car insurance providers, minimum insurance requirements for CA drivers, description of the different types of required insurance.

FAQ – California State Automobile Insurance

California State Automobile Insurance FAQ – Find answers to your questions about California state automobile insurance with’s auto insurance FAQ information page.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Cheap California Auto Insurance quotes. Just because you live in California does not mean that you have to pay high rates for everything. Geting cheap car insurance can save you hundreds each year.

Los Angeles Car Insurance

Cheap Los Angeles Car Insurance. Find affordable LA auto insurance through Los Angeles has some of California’s highest insurance rates but you can find deals here.

Opting Out of Insurance and Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee

In the state of California, all drivers must have liability insurance. Those who choose not to properly insure themselves will have their license and registration suspended if stopped by a police officer during an accident or traffic stop. In order to have these restored you must pay a $500.00 fee and file a SR-22 (Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate) with the MVD for three years. There is also the possibility that you will have to pay a fee to have your license and registration reinstated. Please see our article for more SR-22 information .

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