Apr 14 2017

Budget Car Rental – Insurance Fraud, Review 88823 #alliance #insurance

#budget car insurance

Insurance Fraud

The budget sales rep asked me while renting the car if I wanted insurance. I said I was declining insurance. The sales lady said, “If you are declining insurance, initial here in the highlighted area”. The area she highlighted was to accept the insurance. I initialed in the highlighted area and was charged $15/day insurance when I returned the car.

Budget Car rental are cheats and have the worst customer support I have ever seen.

No wonder the company did not survive by itself and was taken over by Avis.

I booked a oneway rental from Ohare on 7th June, the booking was done through expedia where I had declined the insurance. Also when I picked up the rental car I was told to sign in places to decline the insurance. The cheat/lady at the counter repeatedly told me that I was declining the insurance and that I would not be covered, which I agreed to as I have my own car insurance.

To my surprise, I was charged insurance and when I contacted them they said that I signed for it. I agree I should have read what I sign for, but these cheats keep you engrossed in words while you sign for something other than they are telling.

After contacting customer support, drop off location (as it was oneway) and even the Ohare area manager, all are covering up their location staff by saying “You have signed it”

I beleive that the insurance coverage is a major source of income for their goal and that is why they all team up to protect this misleading practice resulting in this fraud.

I will be taking up this matter with BBB, but I suggest all those who rent, to read what you are signing for very carfully to avoid paying extra.

Written by CREDIT

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