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Are you looking for a SR 22, Auto, Vehicle, Car or Truck insurance quote in Ohio? Look no further, get instant quote, regardless of your driving record.

Whether you are preferred driver looking for an auto insurance quote or a high risk driver required to file Form SR22 call Washington and Co Insurance Agency in Cleveland, Ohio (216) 691-9227 or go online and get instant quote and immediate coverage or fill out form and submit form. Washington and Co Insurance Agency (216) 691-9227 can help you navigate through the quote process to ensure that you maximize your insurance coverage while minimizing your premiums.

Simply stated, an SR22 is a document that shows proof of financial responsibility. You’ll need an SR22 if the police caught you driving without insurance, and you’ll be required to carry the SR22 for a specified amount of time usually three years. Once you properly fulfill that time period, your SR22 status expires.

SR22s also are associated with the following:

DUI or DWI or any serious moving violation At-fault accidents while driving without insurance Repeat traffic offenses or getting too many tickets in a short time period License suspension or revoked license

How Long Do I Need SR22?

Expect a long relationship with your SR22 most likely three years similar to a probationary period after a criminal offense. You must carry continuous insurance during the specified period of time before SR22 status is removed. If your policy lapses or is canceled, your auto insurance company is required to notify the state immediately and your license will be suspended again.

If you are a Progressive customer, we’ll cancel or terminate an SR22 by filing a separate form with the state (an SR-26 in many states), generally 10 days before the SR22’s expiration. Call our Agency in Cleveland, Ohio 216-691-9227 for quote.

Understanding Auto or Car Insurance.

Have you ever wondered what all of the Auto or Car Insurance terms mean? Keep reading and we may help you understand better.

Note: The following outline of coverage is for your information only. Please see your policy for exact terms and conditions and exclusions and limitations.

Bodily Injury Liability:

Referred to sometimes as BI: Pays when you are legally liable for injury or death caused by our vehicle. Legal fees, bail bonds and court costs are also included. Pays up to the first limit for each person and up to the second limit, maximum, for all persons injured or killed in any accident when you are legally liable. Some policies are “Single Limit” which means Bodily Injury and Property Damage are all in one “Single” limit. $100,000 Single Limit means that the maximum coverage available for any one accident is $100,000 including BOTH BI and PD.

Property Damage Liability:

Liability: Referred to as PD sometimes: Pays when you are legally liable for damage to the property of others caused by your car. In a “Single Limit” policy the property damage would be limited to that amount, along with any bodily injury that would have to be paid.

Medical Payments:

Each Person Limit: Pays medical, dental, hospital and funeral expenses for you, household relatives and guest passengers injured in a car accident. Also protects you and household relatives in other vehicles or if struck as a pedestrian.

Uninsured Motorist:

Referred to as UM sometimes: Pays damages that you, household relatives and passengers in the insured motor vehicles are legally entitled to recover because Bodily Injury or death caused by uninsured or hit-and-run motor vehicles. Pays up to the first limit for any one person and, up to the second limit for all persons injured or killed in an accident. This could also be a “Single” limit coverage.


Sometimes referred to as Other than Collision: Pays for loss or damage to Your car caused by fire, theft, vandalism, hail, windstorm, riot, falling objects, flood, etc. The deductible applies to all damage. Does not pay for Collision or Upset. That is paid under Collision if you carry Collision.

Collision or Upset:

Pays for loss or damage to Your car caused by collision with another object or by upset of the car. Payments are made on an “actual cash value” basis for the amount of each loss. Your deductible for this coverage applies first.

Towing and Labor costs:

Labor performed at the scene of the breakdown only such as changing a tire – Pays up to the limit on your policy for each claim for towing your car and any labor costs at the place of disablement. Does NOT pay for parts or subsequent repair costs.

Pays toward expenses to rent a vehicle if you have a loss that is covered under your Comprehensive or Collision coverage and your vehicle is disabled longer than 24 hours. Pays up to the first limit per day, but not more than the second limit for each loss.

Original Equipment Manufacturers:

Pays for Original parts versus after-market parts.

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