Mar 31 2017

Ameriprise Insurance Company – Insurance – 3500 Packerland Dr – De Pere, WI – Reviews – Photos #best #life #insurance

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So an update. Ameriprise took care of everything. When one of the people who had a property loss called me threatening to sue me instead of waiting for the insurance companies to work it out – I told Ameriprise about it and they called the guy and told him to stop and not contact me – that he has to wait for the insurance company. My insurance went up – but only because I have a 2015 car now instead of a 2004 – so the small increase was understandable – and not exorbitant. Both accidents were the other person s fault so I was not at fault to cause an increase. I am very pleased with Ameriprise. As long as you know what your policy covers – and pay for what coverage you want – you should be fine. I do only have Auto through them – so can t comment on their other polices.

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So I ve seen all these negative reviews but I have had a great experience with them, so I will share… So I ve seen all these negative reviews but I have had a great experience with them, so I will share it. I am in California and I have them through Costco. I had someone back into me 6 months ago. I tried to go through the other persons insurance company – but it was a struggle. Called Ameriprise – and within a few weeks it was all taken care of and fixed. Ameriprise then went to the other insurance company for their money back. When the other company paid, I got my deductible back and another small out of pocket expense back. So come a couple of weeks ago, I had someone pull a left turn from the other direction in front of me, effectively causing a crash. Ameriprise took/is taking care of it all. The car was a total loss, they are giving me a decent amount for the car – a bit more than i expected. Again, once the other insurance company pays them, I ll get my deducible back. The claims agents in both cases have been wonderful. The loss agent for this last one worked hard for me to get me as much as possible for my 11 year old car which I had planned to drive for at least another 10 years.  They explained every step along the way, understanding when I was soooo disappointed the car was a total loss. Most communication from them to me is by phone and e-mail. Most communication from me to them is best by e-mail. They are quite busy and I did notice the phones often go to voice mail. They took care of the rental care in both instances. They follow my policy and what I pay for – up to 30 days of rental per incident (didn t need that much) up to a certain amount per day – if the cost goes over that amount each day I have to pay that. So if I want to increase the amount per day they allow, I d have to up that in the policy. 30 dollars does it ok for me. Rental fees and taxes take it just over 30 dollars a day so that I pay myself (but can get it back from the other insurance company when they finally pay up). They do limit the rental car to a point. I have to get a new car. I get about 3 to 5 days of rental after they determine the amount of the loss – so I have 3 to 5 days to purchase a car. Maybe a little short for lots of shopping and comparison, but enough for me since I do know basically what I want.

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