Apr 7 2017

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Carrying a valid Mexico Car Insurance policy is one of the only solutions available to help ensure that while abroad, your property is financially protected and you are in compliance with foreign laws.

It is very important to bear in mind that the Mexican legal system is not the same as in the USA. In case of an accident, they consider it as civil and criminal offense.

Each day our knowledgeable representatives strive to provide tourists and business travelers making their way across the border with coverage that will help to assure that their travel is legal, safe, and fun.

If you are planning a trip out of the states, and you will be traveling in with your own vehicle, you are strongly advised to obtain insurance for Mexico. Doing so is not only wise, but it is also very convenient, fast, and affordable. Our office is freeway close, just minutes from the border.

We strongly encourage you to verify that your Mexican insurance policy carries Legal Assistance and Bail Bond, as Mexico still operates under Napoleonic law which means that you are guilty until proven innocent. Avoid consider travel to Mexico without this coverage.

Under NO circumstances you should consider that your US insurance policy is recognized in Mexico.

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