Sep 21 2016

Very cheap car insurance – how and where to get it.

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Serious about finding the very cheapest car insurance? Then relax, make a cup of tea and read the money saving information on this site. There is a lot of it; some old and accepted advice but also a lot of ideas you may never have thought of so please be patient, and it could save you a lot of money.

To get things in perspective; trying to find cheap car insurance for my next door neighbour would be like trying to work out the meaning of life from a cow pat, a complete waste of time and energy. With a voice like a banshee on steroids, a permanent drip from his left nostril and an IQ exactly the same as that of a bowl of vegetable soup he shouldn t be let loose to walk down the street without a muzzle let alone drive down it in a high powered car. That isn t why his insurance company hates him so much though. It has a lot to do with his habit of buying old wrecks from the local auction, driving them like a demented goldfish then parking them overnight outside whichever pub he gets smashed out of his face in. He s been done once for driving without insurance (he drove an uninsured car home from the auction which, surprise surprise, the local cops stake out every night; the fines they collected over the years paid for the last civic centre the council inflicted on us), had a car stolen but abandoned in the next street by thieves who were ashamed to be seen in it, and he wrapped an old jag round a tree which suddenly appeared in the middle of the road (his words, not mine). Hopefully he will never breed. His insurance premiums are stratospheric.

The guy who lives on the other side of me keeps his two year old Ford Fiesta in his garage almost permanently, just bringing it out on the odd Sunday when there are a few people about so that he can show it off/polish it lovingly for a couple of hours. Rumour has it that he drives it down to the shops with his battleaxe of a wife once a week but I can t confirm it. He dresses in grey and beige, works as an accountant and has holidayed in the same guest house in Margate for the last 35 years, invariably picking the wettest fortnight of the year. His insurance company loves him, because taking the (admittedly pitifully small) premium from him is like money for old rope. He s got as much chance of having an accident as walking barefoot to the moons of Saturn. What he pays for his car insurance wouldn t feed a healthy dormouse for a week.

So there is the moral of this tale. If you want the cheapest possible insurance you can get it by driving a safe car for a low mileage, treat it lovingly and look after it as you would a frail and delicate lover and stick firmly to a life of suburban respectability. Your premiums will inevitably fall provided that you don t die of boredom in the meanwhile. Those of us who prefer to have a life should look at information on our other pages. And in the meanwhile you could

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