Jul 12 2017


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About RJS Truck Insurance Services

RJS Truck Insurance Specializes in Commercial Truck Insurance Get A Truck Insurance quote RJS Truck Insurance has been providing Truck Insurance to the trucking industry since 1991. RJS Truck Insurance has the solutions for your trucking operation, from small commercial truck accounts to fleet truck insurance needs. We offer comprehensive Truck Insurance packages for your transportation company. Request a quote now. or feel free to contact us at 800 366 0664.

If you need

Cargo Insurance,

Truck Liability Coverage,

General Liability,

Non-Trucking Coverage

or Physical Damage Coverage

We have access to the best Insurance companies for you. We will create a package for you that will offer superior service, coverage and competitive rates for your Commercial Truck Insurance Needs.

The RJS Benefit

We have access to the Top Trucking Insurance Companies in the industry. Enjoy the benefit of RJS s numerous, long standing relationships with their carriers that many other agencies do not have the access to, including Commercial Truck Insurance Package Options. Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo General Liability all on one policy all with one carrier. We don t believe the best way to handle your insurance is to break up your coverage between multiple insurance companies. Our unique relationships with insurance companies allow us to write your insurance on one policy.

Multiple Payment Options

We at RJS understand you have a business to run, and that means you have a multitude of expenses to keep track of and budget. That’s why we have several billing and payment options we can offer to help you organize and budget your expenditures as efficiently and easily as possible:

Super low down payment options with a one month deposit

Zero interest payment options and zero future down payments with continuous policies .

Auto debiting bill pay. and more.

It’s just one more way RJS helps you focus on your business.

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