Sep 6 2017

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Fast And Reliable Freight Bill Factoring

Turn Your Freight Bills Into Immediate Cash! Nationwide Transport Finance specializes in fast, reliable, and easy freight bill factoring for trucking companies like yours.

With no sign-up fees, no fixed contracts or hidden charges. and virtually no risk to you, there has never been a more secure investment for your receivables and increased cash flow.

Why wait to be paid for the hard work you do? Get paid today and keep your trucks running! And with fees as low as 2%, you’ll be putting money back in your pocket!

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Fill out our inquiry form to the left or call us toll free at (800) 624-3353 to get started.

  • Non-Recourse factoring
  • Funding on fax or email copies
  • No application fee, no long term contract
  • No monthly minimum volume
  • Collection rebates available immediately
  • Online access to your account
  • Free timely credit checks
  • Eliminate credit risk
  • $1.75 per ACH direct deposit (multiple invoices)
  • Comcheks and Transflo Express Truckstop scanning
  • Comdata Fuel Cards at no cost to you
  • $.07 / gallon discount at Wilco-Hess
  • Professional customer service

About Us

Since 1986, Nationwide Transport Finance has provided the transportation industry with Non-Recourse (we assume the credit risk) accounts receivable factoring – we buy your freight bills. Our program is simple. Concurrent with your


When a freight bill payment is received by N.T.F. the payment is immediately applied, and the remainder due to you is immediately credited to your account, less a fee determined by how long it took for the bill to collect. The advantage

Why Factor?

18 Reasons to Factor Your Freight Bills Beyond the obvious benefit of having cash immediately after completing a load to keep your trucks running, many companies do not consider many additional benefits to using a factoring company.

Nationwide Transport Finance supports the following:

NTF helps you keep your trucks running
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