Tile Seattle, Tile Bellevue WA – Porcelain Ceramic Glass Kirkland #tile #seattle, #dto #offers #a #great #selection #of #ceramic #and #porcelain #tile #seattle, #travertine #tile #seattle, #slate #tile #seattle, #marble #tile #seattle, #glass #tile #seattle, #wood #flooring #seattle

# At Discount Tile Outlet you will find a unique..

Tile Seattle, Tile Bellevue WA – Porcelain Ceramic Glass Kirkland #tile #seattle, #dto #offers #a #great #selection #of #ceramic #and #porcelain #tile #seattle, #travertine #tile #seattle, #slate #tile #seattle, #marble #tile #seattle, #glass #tile #seattle, #wood #flooring #seattle


At Discount Tile Outlet you will find a unique collection of interesting and affordable porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, mosaics, glass and stunning wood products and other modern flooring materials that can t be located anywhere else in the Puget Sound. Our in-house design team s creativity has propelled Discount Tile Outlet to the top of our industry. When you are planning a new project you want to access and be made aware of materials, color options, designs and as many styles as possible. Our Easily accessible showroom has been dubbed as one of the most exciting and product rich showrooms ever assembled in the Bellevue / Seattle area. get the inspiration you are looking for by coming in today and meeting with one of our on-site and always available designers. Or visit our online gallery to gather and look at some of our option. We are certain inspiration is just around the corner!

Our Design Gallery Includes

Bathroom In your bathroom the artful and the practical must work in conjunction to give you and your family a room that is stunning yet practical. Our sister store Vanities Etc. will also help bring any tile selection together with bathroom furniture selections, countertop options, vanities, sinks, or add tremendous value and a rich aesthetic appeal to elevate bathtub, showers, walls and even backsplashes.

Fireplace Stunning, unique, and gorgeous fireplace tile options are something that really sets Discount Tile Outlet apart from any store in this state.

Kitchens This is an area that we have been setting the tone for according to our incredible reviews for several years. Our designers understand the nuances of design and will be determined to assist you and your vision coming to fruition. We are the originators of the square foot program that has been covered by several media outlets. Yes, we were the first. We understand when your dream kitchen culminates the fusion of tile and countertop is paramount. When adding so much new and impressive value to your home, office or condominium why should you be forced to partake in the out dated gimmick of Our suppliers only sell the slabs or countertops by this many feet . As members of this comminute we respect our neighbors more than that. So come on in, lets pick that beautiful tile out and with the savings introduce your home to its new family room!

Our selection can be timeless, classic, contemporary, or something new to the Puget Sound altogether. Our showroom is going to change your perspective while keeping everything realistic and fair.

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Discount Tile Outlet – Tile Seattle

Discount Tile Outlet started on the principle, that Quality doesn t have to come at such a high price. Our goods are top quality and our prices are the best around when choosing tile for Seattle. With over 15 years in the flooring and tile industry, Discount Tile Outlet for Tile Seattle chooses to hire design professionals with the knowledge, expertise, without additional cost or hassle for all of our customers. Our recommended vendors are highly talented and are utilized by our customers time and time again. ___________________________________________ See more at: http://discounttileoutlet.com Bienvenido al Estrecho de Puget m s completa y rica selecci n. baldosas y suelos de sala de exposici n de Estado de Washington tiene que ofrecer! Descuento salida de las losas empezar a trabajar en el principio de que la calidad no tiene que venir a un precio tan alto. Nuestros productos son de calidad y nuestros precios son algunos de los mejores de la zona. Con m s de 15 a os en la industria de azulejos y pavimentos. descuento del azulejo Outlet cuenta con el conocimiento, experiencia y especialistas en dise o f cilmente disponibles sin costo o molestia para todos nuestros clientes. Ofrecemos instalaci n profesional. Nuestros instaladores se han reunido y se adhirieron a un criterio estricto que tomamos muy en serio para entregar un producto uniforme y consistente para usted cada vez. Nuestros proveedores preferidos son de gran talento y son utilizados por nuestro tiempo y el tiempo de los clientes de nuevo. Descuento salida de las losas se enorgullece de servir Bellevue. Seattle. Kirkland. Redmond. Bothell. Sammamish. Issaquah y Renton – Ver m s en: http://discounttileoutlet.com

1405 132nd Ave NE
United States of America

DTO Tile Seattle offers a great selection of Ceramic and Porcelain tile,
Travertine tile, Slate tile, Marble tile, Glass tile, Wood flooring, Granite
countertops and more. We offer professional installation or if you prefer to do
it yourself, we can help with that too. Through unified efforts company wide,
we strive to both meet, and exceed the customer s vision, intrinsic to their
DTO is committed to providing the highest quality products and services available in the

DTO is committed to maintaining the product knowledge necessary to keep our
customers and ourselves aware of the best solution to their design needs.

Customer Satisfaction
DTO is committed to satisfying each customer s expectation of quality
Integrity Porcelain Tile Bellevue –
DTO, through its employees and management team will deal with every customer,
vendor, and co-worker respectfully and honestly.

DTO will provide added value to our customers in everything we do, sell and provide.
DTO Tile Seattle was started on the principle that quality does not have to
come at such a high price. Our products are of the highest quality and our
pricing is some of the best. With over 15 years in the Tile Seattle and flooring
industry, we have the knowledge and expertise which, accompanied by our Tile Seattle, mosaic Tile Seattle
relationships, allow us to provide the best sales and service directly to our
Our company prides itself on our ability to serve you the customer. Your
satisfaction is paramount. Please look us up on yelp and other social media
sites, to get a clear picture of our emphatical promise of perfection to you the
customer. In Seattle Tile can be a very limited choice. Please come in and
look through our wide inventory of tile, flooring, countertops and vanities. Tile
in Seattle will never be the same again. We know we are the best. And soon
you will too. You satisfaction is paramount and your business will be earned.

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