May 3 2017

TID Travel Insurance Direct Reviews. #canara #bank

#travel insurance reviews

Doesn t Cover Tour Cancellations

1 out of 5. reviewed on Nov 10, 2015

My tour operator cancelled part of my tour and then stopped replying to emails and wouldn t take phone calls.

The only thing worse than buying insurance hoping you never need it is when you need it and they don

Claiming process a complete nightmare – would not recommend TID to anybody

1 out of 5. reviewed on Oct 23, 2015

While traveling in Japan I got cellulitis. Went to hospital twice to have it diagnosed. I have been corresponding with TID through their claims process for almost two months now. I called their emergency line when it happened, and was told not to worry about having documents translated as they had translators there. So I send in my claim, and guess what the response was – please have this document (a medical certificate) translated. I respond with exactly what I mentioned previously, and the reply – We did have our translator have a look ov

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er the document however it was still difficult for them to work out the diagnosis.

So I take a photo of the document and put it through Google translate and get this – At the right lower leg bee or cellulitis above diagnosis is expected to take a medical treatment by about two weeks of antibiotic from September 9, 2015. Unsure if the translator at TID can actually read Japanese, but the diagnosis seems pretty clear to me. At the hospital it was hard to communicate with the doctors as limited English was spoken. I can definitely rule out a bee sting, and on further research of what cellulitis is – a bacterial infection of the skin, I can definitely say this is what I had been experiencing.

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