Jan 14 2018

Ticketmaster Credit Card Entry – Information and FAQs, credit information.#Credit #information

Ticketmaster Credit Card Entry

using a credit card

online or by phone.

to purchase your tickets and

a valid government issued

photo ID to the venue.

with your guest, present

your ID and swipe your

credit card for entry.

Credit Card Entry FAQs

Nope, it s the same thing just a new name.

Easy the card you used to buy your ticket is your ticket. Just show that card at the entrance along with a photo ID; they ll swipe it to find your purchase and print a seat locator slip. Have fun!

If you bought for a group you gotta enter as a group, UNLESS Ticket Transfer is available for your event. To check, just click the order number under Order History in My Account and look for the Transfer Tickets button.

If the artist, team, or venue uses Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer, you can send the tickets to anyone you want free! To see if Ticket Transfer is an option for your event, just click the order number under Order History in My Account and look for the Transfer Tickets button.

Just show your seat locator slip! You ll get one at the entrance when they swipe your card to find your purchase.

Sorry, you gotta use a credit card the plastic kind so it can be swiped at the entrance to find your purchase.

Just bring the old card, or the replacement card with the same account number. If you destroyed the old card and your new one has a different account number, please contact Fan Support.

Oh no! Go straight to the box office for help. Each venue has its own policy, but they ll probably ask for your photo ID and purchase confirmation email. You can show them the email on your phone, and the name on the email must match your ID.

As long they re an authorized card user! Just make sure your better half brings the card and a photo ID.

That s up to the artist, team, or venue! If they give the green light you ll see a Sell button when you click the order number under Order History in My Account.

When Credit Card Entry is the only option it s probably because the tickets are in high demand, and the artist, team, or venue wants true fans like you to get the seats you want at face value by eliminating unfair competition from professional scalpers. Without the ability to resell tickets at steep prices, scalpers have no reason to snatch them up when they go on sale using automated software, or bots .

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