Sep 20 2017

The Best Life Insurance Companies #pronto #insurance

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Best Life Insurance Companies

Our Guarantee: Best Rates from the Best Insurance Companies

Everyone has heard a friend or relative tell them that Company A or Company B is one of the best life insurance companies on the market.  The problem is being able to do your own research and understand why a life insurance company truly is a good company to work with.

At we not only want to you get life insurance to protect your loved ones, but we want you to feel good about the company you choose.  For this reason, we put together this list of the four best life insurance companies.  (We tried to do five, but these four companies are in a league of their own)

Each company below will be listed with a little blurb about them.   The companies are listed in alphabetical order and aren t ranked.  We believe these are the best life insurance companies on the market:

The 4 Best Life Insurance Companies

American General Life Insurance is owned by AIG and for certain ages and risks has some of the best term life insurance rates available on the market.  They have an A rating with AMBest and are financially strong. We have no hesitation recommending them when they show up as the best rates available.

Banner Life Insurance

Banner Life has some of the most competitive term life insurance rates on the market.  They have an AM Best A+ rating and are financially strong.  We do a lot of business with Banner and our clients have been very happy with their customer service (which is just one reason they are one of the top life insurance companies).   Learn more about Banner Life Insurance HERE .

Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential Life Insurance has very competitive rates for various health risks.  They re also very aggressive in their underwriting sometimes they re the only company willing to offer coverage when everyone else declines.  The have an AM Best A+ rating and are one of the biggest life insurance companies that exist.  We love working with The Rock and consider them one of the best life insurance companies on the market.

Transamerica is always competitive on price when it comes to term life insurance.  They are one of the only life insurance companies that go below $100,000 of coverage for term life.  They ve been around since the 1800 s and are one the most progressive life insurance companies on the market.  They have an A+ rating with AM Best so again, they are very strong financially.  If Transamerica ever came in as the best option, we would without a doubt recommend them.

We represent over 60 of the nations top life insurance companies and out of all of them, these are always the most competitive term life insurance companies on price as well as very strong financially.   There are other low cost term life insurance companies out there, but the best term life insurance companies in our opinion, are the 4 listed above.

If you would like quotes for any of the companies (who we believe to be the best life insurance companies on the market). feel free to call us or fill out the form on the side of the page.  We ll provide you with all your life insurance options and recommend the best life insurance company based on your health situation.

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