Jul 24 2017

The 4 Best Cheap Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2015. #cheap #contents #insurance

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Citizens Property Insurance

Citizens is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt government corporation set up to provide insurance protection to Florida property owners throughout the state. The corporation insures hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and condominiums whose owners otherwise might not be able to find coverage. This insurer provides coverage for multiple perils to your dwelling, and additional special wind and sinkhole policies are available. Discounts can be obtained for certain building construction techniques, such as compliance with Florida building code, storm shutters, and impact resistant windows. Citizen’s mission, coverage options, and discounts make it the top provider of cheap Florida home insurance by market share.

Florida Peninsula

Since opening in 2005, Florida Peninsula has grown to serve over 120,000 Florida residents. This insurer focuses solely on home, condominium, and rental policies. Florida Peninsula offers good information on coverage, and offers several options of deductibles to choose from. Standard coverage includes dwellings and structures such as pools, personal property, and loss of use. They do offer discounts, which is a unique offering compared to other competitors in the cheap Florida home insurance market. Finally, Florida Peninsula offers other great information like a Tips Tools tab to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Homeowner’s Choice

Homeowner’s Choice provides property and casualty insurance solely to Florida property owners, and has approximately 3.14% of the cheapest in the Florida home insurance market. Choice is relatively young, and much of their business comes from ‘assuming’ policies from Citizen’s Property Insurance state company. This process encourages private insurance companies to take policies and reduce the risk of the state run Citizen’s property insurance. Homeowner’s Choice could be a good alternative if you’re looking to move away from the state run Citizen’s Property. They offer standard homeowners, condominium, and dwelling property policies. Choice’s claims section of their website gives good information on what to do before and after filing a claim. Unfortunately they do not offer as much information for people looking to educate themselves on their different products or services.

Universal Property and Casualty

Universal’s mission is dedication to personal attention and the fastest turnaround claims service. Homeowners insurance is the focus of their business, so you know you will receive the attention you deserve as a homeowner. Their Claims Center easily walks you through what to do before submitting a claim, and you can submit a claim online, by phone, or by fax. They offer a standard as well as one of the cheapest Florida homeowners insurance policy, fire policy, personal property coverage, and personal liability coverage. Property and casualty are their only business offerings, so no discount are available for multiple policies, but Universal makes it very easy to obtain a quote online or find an agent to talk to.

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