Dec 14 2016

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Texas Non Owners Auto Insurance

We can in most cases have your Policy ready and available as a same day service when you effect coverage.

You have many of the same options available with Auto Liability coverage the same as if you owned a vehicle.

Frequently asked question

What is Non Owners Auto Insurance?

This is a limited lines Auto Insurance policy in Texas and does not cover owned but un-registered vehicles.

The Policy is designed for licensed drivers who do not own or regularly drive a vehicle and do not have regular access to a vehicle. These coverage forms are designed to provide an additional level of security for Drivers who do not own a car. One may not always know if the loaned vehicle has appropriate coverage. Many a well intentioned driver have found out only after receiving a citation that the vehicle they were operating was uninsured. The policy can also provide additional limits if one prefers a higher level of protection.

T his type of liability insurance policy is generally limited in it s scope of coverage and provides no comprehensive or collision insurance coverage for damage to the vehicle being operated nor will it provide insurance coverage for vehicles owned by family members and household residents due to the access restrictions. This personal lines insurance coverage will also not extend to the use of rental cars, company vehicles nor the operation of commercial or other employer provided business vehicles nor any vehicle for hire or involved in a delivery business. This type of drivers auto insurance policy is considered secondary or excess insurance coverage to any policy provided by the vehicle owner.

What does a Non Owners Insurance Policy cover?

This type of Auto Insurance typically provides only the minimum coverage required by your state law. Liability insurance along with a few other options Such as the following.

Liability coverage for Injury or damages to others

What is Secondary Coverage?

Secondary Coverage is insurance that will provide you protection only after the primary First Place Insurance Policy coverage limits have been exhausted. The vehicle owners policy is always first position. Your Secondary non owner car insurance Policy coverage will only invoke after The vehicle owners policy has paid out the maximum available limits.

What Non Owners Auto Insurance does not cover?

It is important that the Driver understand the restrictions of this type of coverage. This type of Policy, often referred to as a Drivers Policy or an Operators Policy . Non owners car insurance policies do not provide coverage for the following.

1. No Comprehensive or Collision insurance for the non-owned Vehicle.

2. No Coverage when operating a Rented vehicle of any type.

3. No coverage for any commercial or business use vehicle whether owned or non owned.

4. No coverage when driving any vehicle owned by the insured or any vehicle owned by any other resident at the address of the insured.

5. No coverage for any vehicle to which the insured has regular access whether owned or non owned.

6. No coverage for any vehicle with insured has a prior expectation of operation, owned or non owned.

7 No insurance coverage is extended to any other drivers.

Non owners insurance i s for unplanned, unexpected usage only. When operating a non owned vehicle that you have an expectation of usage. The vehicle owners own insurance will have to provide your auto insurance coverage under permissive use rules of the vehicle owners insurance policy.

When Renting a vehicle you will still need to pick up the additional auto liability insurance coverage offered by the rental car company.

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