Feb 13 2017

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Texas Health Insurance (TX)

Did you know that 25% of the 5.5 million Lone Star State residents are uninsured? This is the highest in the country, and well above the national average of 16%.* Health insurance isn’t a luxury, it is a necessary to keep yourself and your family in good shape – both medically and financially. Take a stand and find out more!

Individual Health Insurance in Texas (TX)

Self-Employed Health Insurance in Texas (TX)

Group Health Insurance in Texas (TX)

Group health insurance companies in Texas cannot refuse insurance to qualified persons because of a health problem, nor can they be charged more than others in their group. Your new employer is allowed to wait to offer group coverage. Special opportunities for group coverage are given to some people because of certain life changes dealing with marriage or job loss. If you have group insurance through your small business employer, he/she is required to also include your spouse and dependents in the coverage. Newborn, adopted, grand, and disabled children have special considerations under Texas regulations for health coverages. Except for HMOs, group insurers have the right to review your medical history for the six months prior to new coverage. They can require an exclusion period with a maximum of 12 months. HMOs are not allowed to impose exclusion periods, but they do often require affiliation periods. If you have had continuous coverage of your pre-existing condition, with a break of no more than 63 days, you are due creditable coverage. There are a number of state governments in Texas which have removed protections from their group insurance and it is recommended you check with your employer for your possible inclusion.

Small Business Health Insurance in Texas (TX)

If you are a small business with two to 50 employees, you cannot be refused small group health coverage and you cannot be cancelled due to sickness within your insured group. There are also limits on the cost of the premiums for businesses with less than 50 employees. The State requires insurance companies to offer policies with mandated benefits. A small business with two to 50 employees can join a statewide and approved purchasing alliance for group health insurance coverage. For regulations dealing with professional associations that offer group health coverage, please contact your Texas Department of Insurance for clarification.

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