Sep 20 2017

Texas Escort and Pilot Car Commercial Insurance #city #bank

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Texas Escort and Pilot Car Commercial Insurance

The oversized loads that travel the highways in Texas and the USA would be greatly hindered if not for competent, certified pilot car owner operators who by their expertise ensure that very valuable cargo reaches it’s destination on time and in uncompromised condition.

The men and women who manage delivery of these loads are knowledgeable in lead and chase car work, mapping, route surveying, high pole measurements and emergency shunting, able to guide and direct truckers moving oversized cargo during adverse weather conditions and rugged terrain.

Given the enormous value of many of the oversized loads it is essential that the pilot car owner operator be certain of the insurance coverage necessary to alleviate any exposure that could fall directly on the company escorting the load. Texas Commercial Business Insurance Agency writes a high percentage of the pilot car insurance based in the state of Texas and believe it is this agency’s duty to offer the following coverage information with the hope it will be beneficial and informative particularly for “start up” companies as well as those experience operators who simply want to review their present insurance needs.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance-All pilot car owner operators must be able to prove 1,000,000 in primary liability coverage, this coverage must cover every vehicle used in the operation of lead, chase and high pole vehicle work. Secondly, be certain your coverage extends to your radius of travel. If you deliver truckers from Texas to North Dakota for an example, you want to be certain you have an unlimited mileage radius on your policy. Third, since all owner operator require additional equipment on their vehicles, light kits, tool boxes with additional lights and traffic control devices and well as your computer equipment, make sure you know the value of your additional equipment and if it is covered on your policy, it not ask your agent about adding the coverage or purchasing an separate policy if you deem it necessary to cover your additional equipment.

General Liability-Although each policy must be analyzed to determine the extent of it’s coverage, general liability as it applies to the pilot car owner operator supplies more contractual based coverage than professional liability coverage. In situations where there is a claim for breach of contract or false advertisement general liability coverage would be triggered. It is important to note many logistic companies do require general liability coverage along with commercial vehicle coverage, not professional liability.

Professional Liability-To best understand this coverage, consider an architect by who’s direction a builder constructs a building. If a claim arises concerning the design of the building the professional expertise of the architect may be brought into question. The architect will rely on his professional liability coverage to defend him in such an action. By the same description should there be a claim brought against the pilot car owner operator for high pole measurements, traffic control directions, mapping, surveying or any task related to expertise and direction it will most likely be defended by professional liability coverage. Do call Texas Commercial Business Insurance if any of this information seems unclear, we take a “old school” approach to answering all questions and will take the time to make sure we adequately serve you.

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