Sep 5 2017

Texas Car Insurance Rates from $49 – Best Rates Guaranteed #estrella #insurance

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Best Way to Quickly CompareTexas Car Insurance Rates

Texas Car Insurance Underage Drivers, Driving While Intoxicated, and the SR-22

Here s the best way to quickly compare Texas car insurance rates get a free car insurance quote from Sometimes it can be difficult to find cheap Texas auto insurance quotes. Insurance providers find it convenient to categorize their clients into certain groups, usually according to their risk level. The high risk group is composed of young inexperienced drivers, individuals who have been caught driving while intoxicated, and people who have been tasked to file an SR-22 for one reason or another. Sadly for them, their risk status makes it extremely difficult to find reasonably priced policies since most providers view them as liabilities. That is not to say that it is an impossible task because there are ways to reduce rates whatever your record might be. Find out more in this article.

TX Car Insurance for Juvenile Drivers

DUI Insurance in Texas

If an officer catches you driving under the influence, then be ready for these consequences: imprisonment ranging from 72hrs to as much as 180 days which could be increased to 2 years if there is a child under 15 years old among the passengers; suspended license from 90 days to 1 year; a fine that could reach $2,000 or $10,000 if there is a child under 15 years old among the passengers; and an annual surcharge of $1,000 for three consecutive years or $2,000 if the Blood Alcohol Level breaches 0.16%.

SR-22 insurance in Texas

There are only few instances that would warrant the filing of an SR-22 and these are usually the cases wherein severe violations were committed, like driving without the mandatory insurance papers and initiating a road accident. Sometimes, driving while intoxicated will also warrant this filing. All the violations mentioned can end up with a license suspension and the SR-22 comes up it is one of the requirements for re-acquisition in many states, as it is in Texas.

Don t even think of driving without insurance as this can cause more headaches in the long run. Comply with this requirement in Texas and you will have an easier time as a motorist. Just find Texas auto insurance quotes from reputable providers and get the best plan you can afford. Gather Texas car insurance rates quickly through our search tool at Enter your zip code and other pertinent details to get started.

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