Dec 2 2017

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Texas Auto Insurance

Most drivers protect themselves by purchasing auto liability insurance from an insurance company. The trouble is, sometimes car insurance in Texas can be expensive. Fortunately, Titan Insurance is here to help. We think drivers should have access to cheap auto insurance in Texas and we provide that through a variety of products and services designed to save drivers money.

Texas Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Texas is a unique state. The state is so large that there are different hazards, depending on location. As varied as the state is in geographic and weather-related challenges, its transportation types are just as unique. City commuters, farmers and ranchers, military personnel, students, retirees and families all have different auto insurance needs and Titan has a policy to help meet those needs.

All policies begin with auto liability coverage. This coverage provides protection and covers expenses related to damaging a vehicle or injuring a person in an accident. However, many Titan policyholders choose to add additional coverage to their policies to help pay for other types of damages and costs based on their specific coverage needs and risk factors.

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damages to the insured vehicle from incidents other than collisions. For example, Comprehensive coverage can help pay for damages related to fire, theft, vandalism, weather events and accidents involving animals.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM/UMPD) coverages are additional options. Up to 20% of drivers on the road do not have auto liability insurance. UM/UIM coverage protects the policyholder from these drivers by paying for bodily injury and property damage caused by an at-fault uninsured motorist.

Other popular Texas car insurance coverages include Medical Payments and Collision.

Texas auto insurance discounts 

Auto insurance in Texas may be necessary, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Through a variety of discount options and programs. Titan Insurance can offer Texas drivers low cost insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements and more without being overly expensive for drivers. Popular discounts include:

    Military discounts Good Student discounts Accident-Free discounts Mileage discounts

Many drivers qualify for more than one discount, saving even more money.

Driving in Mexico    

With Texas being on the border, Texas drivers should know most U.S. auto insurance does not cover them while driving in Mexico. When driving in Mexico. the safest action is to purchase Mexican liability coverage from an authorized Titan agent.

Driving without insurance in Mexico is risky. Without accepted Mexican liability coverage, drivers can be held responsible for accidents.

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To learn more about our Texas auto insurance coverage:

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Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Product, coverage, discounts, insurance terms, definitions, and other descriptions are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in your individual insurance contracts, policies, and/or declaration pages from Titan-affiliated underwriting companies, which are controlling. Such products, coverage, terms, and discounts may vary by state and exclusions may apply.

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