Feb 13 2017

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Tesco Temporary car insurance

Tesco Temporary car insurance is known to be having budgeted premiums with its no frills insurance plans. This temporary car insurance is the perfect choice for the car owners who have just bought a new car and have very tight budget. Tesco has about 1.3 million customers across United Kingdom. This Short Term Insurance can be opted for a temporary period after buying a new car so that the car gets covered with affordable premium. The permanent car insurance provider can be decided later. It offers temporary car insurance for various time periods. You may decide the period based on your requirement and manageable outgo. The Tesco temporary car insurance can also be purchased when your friend borrows your car or you borrow a friend’s car. The temporary car insurance will make your task easy and you can enjoy safe driving.

The Tesco temporary car insurance can be availed online by entering certain details. The online premium calculator will help you calculate the premium to decide the best suiting policy. The temporary car insurance is given to all drivers having valid UK driving license and fall under the age group of 17 to 79 years. The drivers need to have less than 6 penalty points and also he should not be disqualified for last 5 years. The Tesco temporary car insurance also gives incentives to safe drivers and hence gives the chance to reduce your premium considerably. You may get your premium reduced by driving safely and keeping the track record clean. The good drivers are always given the temporary car insurance at lower rates.

The Tesco temporary car insurance has many plans available to suit the requirement of each driver. You may explore through the website to get the best rate Tesco temporary car insurance. They have various plans for women drivers that are available at even low premium. The separate temporary car insurance plans are available for young drivers under the age of 21 and 25. The Tesco temporary car insurance is available as one day insurance, monthly insurance and weekly insurance. The insurance may also be customised to suit your budget. The cover can be limited only to accidental damages and fire to make the insurance premium even affordable. The Tesco Temporary Car Insurance. will come into effect immediately if it is purchased online. You will receive the documents through email for easy processing and payment can also be made online through safe and secure payment options

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