Sep 20 2016

Temporary Vehicle Insurance Directory.

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Temporary Insurance Cover

Comprehensive short term or temporary vehicle insurance for a period of 1 to 28 days.

Temp Cover as seen On TV – The UK’s leading provider of short term motor insurance. Cover instantly available for 18-75 year olds – Cars and Vans insured from 1-28 days. Need to add an additional driver or borrow a car or van? Get a policy from Temp Cover protect your No Claims Bonus. Choose from our selected panel of Insurers who specialise in short term covers.

We are the market leading supplier of short term insurance for Cars, Vans Motorhomes at competitive rates all underwritten by Aviva the UK `s biggest insurance company. We insure from the age of 19 to 75 years old and from 1 to 28 days. Simply Click-Quote-Buy-You’re covered. is a leading provider of Short Term Insurance, offering cover from 1 to 28 days for drivers aged 19 -75. Cover is arranged in 3 simple steps, Quote / Pay / Print Go. Ideal for borrowing a friend or family members car or drive away cover when buying a new car will not affect no claims bonus.

Temporary Car and Van insurance from 1 to 28 days available online. Quoted in seconds, and cover available instantly. Insure4aday are so confident in their product they give a Price Guarantee for drivers aged over 21. See insure4aday’s site for full details of the cover available.

Looking for short term insurance on a weekly basis, then why not try For any driver aged 25 – 75, who has been a resident in the UK for at least 12 months and held a full UK Licence for at least six months, alternatively an EU/EEA driving licence for twelve months or more.

Get instant online cover for Learner drivers from 1 week to 1 year. Provisional drivers can ‘top-up’ an existing car insurance policy and get themselves on the road. Parents can teach their kids to drive without risk to their no claims bonus!

Are you a Learner Driver? Borrow a car, buy Dayinsure’s temporary insurance, and get practising! Dayinsure Learner is temporary car insurance, underwritten by Aviva, specifically for learners. Cover is available from 1 day to 5 months and Learner drivers aged 17 to 75, so you only pay for the cover you need. You can buy a policy online, receive your certificate in your inbox, and be out practising in a few minutes!

Short term car or van insurance can provide insurance cover for yourself or a friend to drive another vehicle for up to 28 days, without affecting the no-claims bonus on your main vehicle. Whether you are borrowing a car for one day, lending your car to a relative for the weekend, or you need temporary insurance for an emergency, you’ll want to find the perfect temporary insurance cover to suit your needs.

If you are lending your vehicle to a friend or relative, you could add a named driver to your existing policy, however this could be expensive and you also run the risk of losing your no-claims bonus if a claim is made.

Regardless of how far a vehicle is driven, driving without insurance is illegal. The police can issue a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if someone is caught driving a vehicle they’re not insured to drive.

Even worse, if the case goes to court, the driver could get:

  • a maximum fine of £5,000
  • disqualified from driving

The police also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy the vehicle that’s being driven uninsured.

Finding cheap temporary vehicle insurance can be easier than you think. So rather than run the risk of having an accident whilst driving an uninsured vehicle, we could help you find affordable cover exactly when you need it!

Benefits for short-term vehicle insurance

  • Don’t pay for longer than you need.
  • Option of immediate cover
  • Insurance for another vehicle in an emergency
  • Temporary van insurance for moving house
  • Optional cover for misfuelling
  • Does not jeopardise your no-claims discount
  • Insurance for relatives coming to stay
  • Allows you to teach a friend or relative to drive in your car
  • Cover for unaccompanied vehicle demonstrations or courtesy cars

Who is eligible for temporary vehicle insurance?

  • Any person with a current full UK driving licence held for a minimum of 6 months, European Union licence for a minimum of 12 months or a provisional driving licence
  • Any person who has been resident in the UK for 12 months or more
  • Drivers aged between 18 and 75

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