Nov 4 2016

Temporary Car insurance: get a quote within seconds. #auto #insurance

#temporary auto insurance

Insuring a car for a short period

Need some temporary car insurance to insure a motor vehicle for a short period of time, perhaps for as short a term as one single day, or perhaps for a longer time period of a few weeks or so? Short term cover like this has changed in the UK from being expensive, complicated and difficult to get; it is only a very short time ago that one year insurance policies were pretty much all that were available but now insuring a car or light van for much smaller terms is a facility enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of motorists every year. It could not be easier to arrange your temp coverage; since it is bought online it is available at any time of day or night, seven days a week and all it takes is to fill in a short insurance proposal form, submit credit card information and driver can have the car covered right away. This means it’s absolutely ideal for last-minute requirements, if you need cover for a car or van on a temporary basis at the last minute, or motorists can plan ahead by booking a policy up to 28 days before the date when the coverage is actually required.

Like every insurance policy there are certain terms and conditions to short term/temporary insurance, and here are some of the main ones. Firstly, the motorist must be over 18 with a full driving licence which has been held for at least a year, and must be reasonably honest; no offences of dishonesty within the last five years and no serious motoring offences within the last three. Certainly a few scallywags accidentally ‘forget’ about the odd offence but most insurers do make strenuous checks before paying out on a claim so this is self-defeating. Secondly; the vehicle has to have a valuation of not less than £1,500 be in good roadworthy condition with a current MOT certificate; be unmodified from the makers specification; have no more than eight seats and must weigh less than 3.5 t GVW.

Some insurers have moved into the 21st century with temp/short term coverage, and no matter how short a period you need to insure your car for for there is probably a temporary policy waiting for you.

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