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Nothing says springtime like the tulip season in the Netherlands. Tulip fields dot the countryside from Haarlem to The Hague. But the centerpiece of tulip-watching is Keukenhof park, located in Lisse, some 30 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of Amsterdam.

Dutch farmers to tourists: Don’t trample our tulips

Dutch farmers have a message for tourists: Please don’t trample upon our tulips. Bulb fields close to the Netherlands’ North Sea coast are a major tourist drawcard each spring as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other flowers bloom and transform the region into a patchwork of vibrant colors that.

Exuberant Met exhibit explores the art of rock ‘n’ roll

Museum exhibits tend to be quiet. Not this one. In “Play It Loud,” an exuberant show that can be heard as well as seen, the Metropolitan Museum of Art takes on the history of rock ‘n’ roll through iconic instruments on loan from some of rock’s biggest names. There are flamboyant costumes worn by.

A canceled Viator tour, but no refund? Travel Troubleshooter investigates.

I recently booked an “Eat like a Local” walking tour in Honolulu through Viator. I arrived early at the origination point and stayed there for half an hour after the agreed-upon time. The tour guide never showed up. I spoke with the restaurant where we were supposed to meet and the employees knew.

Celebrate Chinese culture in St. Louis, take the train to tulips in Michigan and more Midwest events

Here are some of the more interesting events, deals, websites and other travel tidbits that have come across our desk recently: •A Grand Parade featuring a 70-foot dancing dragon is one of the highlights of Chinese Culture Days, April 27-28 at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis. The activities.

The next cruising hot spot is closer than you think: Get ready for more ships on the Great Lakes

When it comes to hot new cruise destinations, the Great Lakes are living up to their name. This veritable freshwater ocean — boasting 11,000 miles of shoreline, including islands — is attracting a lot of attention lately from cruise ship companies wanting alternatives for passengers who may be.

First look: Hotel Essex opens Monday, bringing ‘luxury lifestyle’ lodging to South Loop

The old Essex Inn has a dramatically new look, thanks to a $75 million overhaul of the South Michigan Avenue landmark that begins checking in overnight guests Monday. The 14-story hotel’s steel-and-glass shell and iconic rooftop sign are just about the only survivors of this ripped-down-to-the-studs.

First look: The Hoxton hotel makes itself at home in the West Loop

When you first walk into The Hoxton, a new hotel in the West Loop’s Fulton Market district, it’s not immediately obvious where to check in. That’s by design. (Spoiler alert: The reception desk sits discreetly off to the right, past a small coffee bar.) The idea is to make the lobby of this “open.

Headed to Minneapolis for the Final Four? Check out our picks for winning restaurants, bars.

There’s more to Minnesota than walleye and hot dish, both staples in the land of 10,000 lakes and, soon, over 70,000 basketball fans. When the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four tips off in early April, visitors will find much more worldly food and drink beyond U.S. Bank Stadium. “The food scene.

Here’s why it’s worth hiring an expert to plan your family trip to Italy

Do you enjoy travel planning? Are you exhilarated by spending weeks or months scrutinizing every possible hotel, restaurant, tour, train schedule and other specifics of your vacation? If so, this story is not for you. For me, the endless options and litany of tasks are stressful, exhausting and.

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#Sunday travel \ #Video REMMONT.COM

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