Sep 30 2016

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As with any optional insurance or protection plan, smart renters will want to do some research and consult with your personal individual insurer before before purchasing these options with your rental. Budget recommends that you decide whether or not you need coverage before you pick up your car, and if you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

Budget offers several types of optional insurance plans to protect you during the rental period. The benefits of the coverages described below vary by location. If available for your rental, the coverage will appear as a selection on step three of the reservation process. You always have the opportunity to change your coverage selections at the rental counter when you pick up your car.

These plans are provided by independent insurance companies, and are subject to the provisions, limitations and exclusions contained in the actual policies, which are available for review upon request. Other rental companies may offer similar coverages under different names and at varying limits and costs. If you have questions about a specific coverage, please check with the renting location or contact us .

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