Sep 30 2016

Progressive vs Geico – Is One Company Better? #free #online #quote

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Progressive vs Geico

Two of the more popular names in auto insurance today are Progressive and Geico. Each company insures millions of drivers and ranks in the top three insurance companies of 2010. In the Geico vs Progressive battle, which company is actually the better of the two? Who has better rates, and who has the best response time on claims?

Progressive vs Geico Cost

Many people base their insurance choice on premium costs alone. A quote comparison between the two companies was done using the same personal information for each. Progressive s six month premium was approximately 11% higher than that of Geico.

Perhaps Geico s lower rate can be attributed to the discounts they give off the top of their premiums. They include good driving, driving experience, and financial responsibility. which are based on credit score.

Although Progressive does not offer these discounts they have recently introduced a first of its kind program called Snapshot . It is actually a small device that plugs into your car s USB port keeping track of mileage, time of day car is driven, braking, and acceleration activity. All of this information is used to build an accurate driver profile, and depending on the information gathered, a discount of 0-30% will be given.

When making a choice between Geico and Progressive repair and response time is another crucial factor to be taken into consideration. Everyone purchases car insurance hoping to never need it. In the case that one does, it is very important that claims are handled quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

Progressive employs Immediate Response Vehicles for expediting the processing of claims. These claims adjusters actually go to the car and perform the necessary inspection on site thereby avoiding any further disruption of policy holders lives. They also utilize what they refer to as Concierge Level of Claims Service. These are one stop facilities where a damaged auto can be taken, an estimate done, repair work completed, and rental car procured, all under one roof, thereby greatly reducing stress levels as well as time spent.

Geico is known for their rapid resolution when it comes to automobile claims. Similar to the Concierge concept that Progressive employs, Geico has Auto Repair Xpress, which is also everything a customer needs under one roof including estimates, body shop, and rental facilities. Geico also partners with local body shops, towing companies, and rental facilities enabling them to quickly get motorists back on the road, whether in their own automobile, or in a rental. A quick look at their website will tell customers which repair facilities they are affiliated with.

All in all, the question of Geico vs Progressive, who is better, is a hard one to answer. Both have reasonable rates and high service levels. Customer choosing either one will find themselves insured by the best.

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