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Proceed with Caution When Using Insurance Comparison Websites

Whether it’s for your health, home or car – buying insurance coverage can give you the peace of mind that you and your assets are protected. But, with so many agencies to choose from, many consumers have turned to comparison websites to help them find the best rates. While these sites can be a useful tool, BBB encourages you to research the company before offering any personal information.

Online discussion boards are filled with gripes about United Drs Insurance, an insurance comparison website. Complainants allege that the company withdrew unauthorized, monthly payments from their bank accounts. Many of those victims claim they did not buy a policy. They only submitted a request for quotes. Victims who did purchase an insurance policy complained about being overcharged. According to posts, money lost ranged from $40 to $9,000.

Victims may have provided banking information on an online form or to an “insurance agent” by phone. After being alerted by several sources, BBB investigators sprang into action and began to uncover the signs of a scam.

First, the website has only an email address and lacks transparency by failing to disclose a phone number or physical business address. As a result, victims are unable to make contact about their concerns. In fact, according to the website s registration with GoDaddy. it originates outside of the United States. Next, the site is in violation of trademark law through its display of BBB’s (old) logo without a license. And, lastly, if you Google the testimonials on the website, you will find similar websites using the same exact quotes by the same customers.

BBB encourages victims of this scam to:  

  • File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, .
  • Report it at .
  • Submit your story through BBB’s Scam Source resource page and help us track scams across the country.

Additionally, we encourage all consumers to:  

  • Guard personal and financial information.
  • Be wary of online forms and unencrypted portals.
  • Click a BBB logo to verify it links to the company s BBB Business Review and validate authenticity.
  • Check bank statements preferably online and often and report unauthorized charges immediately.
  • Research a company’s record of customer satisfaction and rating at .

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