Oct 2 2017

Plumbing and Heating Contractors Alliance an alliance between The Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers´ Federation (SNIPEF) United Kingdom #association #of #plumbing #and #heating #contractors


Tim Keeler, Chairman of APHC, commented, One of the main aims of the APHC Board is to work together with partner organisations to achieve common goals. With so many issues in our industry being common across the whole of the UK, this initiative can only strengthen the voice of plumbing and heating businesses when dealing with important industry matters. Both our organisations have strong and influential voices in the industry and by combining them, we hope to provide even more robust and far-reaching leadership.

Robert Burgon, SNIPEF’s CEO, said that his organisation had felt for a long time that there was a need for the two principal contractor associations in the industry to work closer together on a wide range of issues. We already work together successfully on the Plumbing Industry Pension Scheme, which operates across the whole of the country, and there is no reason why our two organisations cannot collaborate on a wide range of issues. I look forward to seeing this initiative develop further over the coming months.

Secretarial support for the Plumbing and Heating Contractors Alliance Ltd. will be provided by APHC under the guidance of its Chief Executive, John Thompson. In addition to John Thompson, the other Directors of the new body will be:

Tim Keeler. Chairman of the APHC Board.
Andrew Beaumont. Company Secretary of APHC
Robert Burgon. Chief Executive of SNIPEF
Duncan Wilson. Deputy Chief Executive of SNIPEF

While the two organisations will continue to operate under their own identities, the new Plumbing and Heating Contractors’ Alliance Ltd will provide the mechanism for undertaking joint activities that affect plumbing and heating businesses across the UK.

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