Petplan Pet Insurance Helps Protect Your Cat & Your Budget! #umbrella #insurance

#cat insurance #cat Add a tenth life to your cat's..

Petplan Pet Insurance Helps Protect Your Cat & Your Budget! #umbrella #insurance

#cat insurance


Add a tenth life to your cat’s nine with Petplan’s flexible cat insurance!

Are you prepared for health cat-astrophes? As a pet parent, you want the very best to keep your cat feeling fine. While cats spend about two-thirds of their lives sleeping (really!), their curious nature (and penchant for mischief) means they can still get into trouble the rest of the time. In fact, our data shows that there s a 33% chance that your pet will need unexpected vet care this year * .

That’s where we come in. Petplan helps pay up to 100% of your unexpected vet bills. We’re dedicated to making sure you can always say yes to the treatments your vet recommends, which is why all Petplan cat insurance policies offer full coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions as standard * – no need to claw through (or hiss at) complicated paperwork!

Our coverage is the cat’s meow!

Your feline – and your wallet – deserve the very best protection! All Petplan policies provide coverage for all vet-recommended treatments, including:

  • Hereditary, congenital and chronic conditions
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic testing
  • MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound imaging
  • Non-routine dental treatment
  • Alternative and holistic therapies
  • Surgery
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Specialist treatment, including cancer treatments and more

What’s more, our Covered for Life TM guarantee means that when your cat is Petplan protected, you can depend on us for life!

What pet parents are saying about us.

10/10 Great service/great value. My dog Brinkley had bladder stones.

10/10 Millie is fine now. I was rushing to leave the house early on a Saturday.

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