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    By Tony | Edited by Dan Updated November 2015

There’s no NHS for pets so if Tiddles or Rover suffers illness or injury it can cost Ј100s or Ј1,000s in vets’ bills – leaving some owners with the horrid choice of either paying out or putting your pet down.

Pet insurance: The need-to-knows

The aim of pet insurance is to cover the cost of the unforeseen, such as illness and injury, and without it you will be faced with the horrible choice between finding the medical fees or putting down a cherished pet.

Even if you’ve got the cash stashed away, in many cases insurance can work out cheaper (in the event that you actually need to claim). So before you buy, here are 10 things you should know.

Insurance is about covering the unpredictable

“Why should I get pet insurance for Rover? I might not even use it?” you may ask. But the whole point of pet insurance is to cover you for the unforeseen – ie, unpredictable events that may (or may not) occur. You need to accept that, and as it’s impossible to predict the future, all you can do is to give it your best shot. To sum up.

Insurance is about making unpredictable events predictable in case the unpredictable happens.

Should I insure my pet?

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