Nov 14 2016

OnlineInsurance: Secure Online Storage of Personal Property Information. #car #payment #calculators

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The Internet is a powerful tool for the savvy online consumer. You can review products, compare prices, research companies and purchase almost anything. Following this trend is the increased availability of insurance online. Insurance companies are providing coverage information, quotes and even contracts online. This includes automobile, homeowners, life, medical and even pet insurance. Insurance has traditionally been a high customer service field with direct in-person contact with your insurance agent. Because of the change in customer contact, the migration towards providing insurance online has not always been a smooth one. Instead, companies are finding some tools work and others only cause frustration or confusion. Indeed, the availability of insurance online is still fluctuating and developing. Below we have compiled a few of the ways you can utilize online insurance options and determine if it is the right tool for you.

There are 72.9 million homes that have pets in America. Besides companionship, these animals are often noted for benefiting human health from lowering their owner’s blood pressure to easing depression. It is estimated that Americans spent $53 billion on their pets in 2012. Of this $14 billion went towards vet care alone. In a survey of pet trends by the American Pet Products Association, there was a noted increase in dog related industries and many companies that offered human health products have switched or added lucrative pet health products as well. However, the pet insurance industry was still estimated under a million by 2008 with about 800,000 clients – this hardly covers the majority of pets out there. In part many people question the need for pet insurance. Regardless, analysts expect the pet insurance industry to grow because of the increasing cost of medical care and the new treatments available.

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