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GOODBYE NRMA! As I Mentioned Before Agreed Value Isn t The Real Agreed Value Your Prices Are Insan

The man of NRMA demanded cash only for oil service.

1 out of 5. reviewed on Oct 27, 2015

On 30th Sep at around 1pm, after I visited my friend in Lane Cove, I noticed that my car s battery had gone flat, so I called NRMA service.

The man from NRMA came and checked my car, and he said I needed to change the battery and also add more oil. He told me the cost($180) for a new battery can be payed by a credit card, but the cost($50) for the oil service should be only payed by cash because his boss only accepts the cash for the service.

I accepted the both as I assumed the both costs were based on NRMA price lists. Also I trusted h

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is advice that my car urgently needed to add oil to be able to drive again.

After he fixed my car, I payed $180 by a credit card. He gave me a receipt for this.

Then he suggested me to drive to a petrol station to get $50 cash for paying for the oil service. I drove to the petrol station and he followed my car.

After I payed him $50, I asked for the receipt.

His answer was we normally do not give it for this service. then he left.

At that evening at around 4pm, my husband called NRMA to question about this.

He talked to one of NRMA managers and told me that she said We normally do not provide any oil services. He probably did it as his side business.

After I heard her words from my husband, I was very shocked and noticed that he lied me to get $50 cash in his pocket.

When my car was broken down, I was bit in a panic because I needed to pick one of my daughters up from a swimming school and another one from a daycare. I believed that he took advantage of my situation.

At around 5:30pm, the man came back to my friend s apartment (he misunderstood that we lived in the apartment.) and he dropped the receipt for the oil service which was issued by NRMA.

I got it next day from my friend. We assume that he was warned by his manager after my husband made a phone call. My friend told me when he gave her the receipt he said tell them(my husband and me), don t panic. . He did not even apologized.

I am still unsatisfied the fact he did not tell me the truth when he offered me the oil service.

When my car was broken down, I called and asked NRMA to provide me their service, I did not ask and want any services of his side business.

However he provided me his side business service without informing me. I believe the price($50) was based on his side business price list, not NRMA price list (I assume that there is no NRMA price list for the oil service.) If he told me first that NRMA does not provide any oil service, I did not accept it.

I would like to share this story with people. Please do not accept any services if the man said it should be payed by cash only.

Thank you for reading.


NRMA Member Relations contacted me after I sent a claim. They said they will contact me on or before 15-10-2015. It is 21st Oct today. I have chased them twice, but still no reply. They might think if they ignore me I will give up. Such a wonderful customer service!!


23rd of Oct, a man from NRMA Member Relations finally contacted me. I needed to chase him up 3times to get his reply.

The below was a conversation I had with him.

NRMA: The amount of oil the patrolman provided me was worth $50.

I: My husband and my friends told me the average price for oil is about $20 to $30.

NRMA: There are different quality of oil. If you use cheap oil, your car will be damaged.

I: We have got this car more than 4yrs now and my husband always changed oil which he normally spends $20. But we have not ever got any problems. The patrolman made me to believe his rubbish that my car urgently needs oil otherwise I can t drive even to petrol station. But it was a lie. The truth was after he changed the battery, I could drive to the petrol station to buy oil by myself. If I could do it, I did not need to spend extra $20 or $30.

He then offered me a credit of half year membership fee free. I accepted that.

But I also mentioned that I was not complaining because of money, I was complaining because of I needed help and I felt NRMA let me down.

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