Nov 30 2017

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Non-Owners SR-22

Non Owners Insurance

The vast majority of US states require that every car owner have at least the minimum amount of liability insurance. In Missouri for instance, this minimum limit is 25/50/10. But what if you don’t own a car? Should you get a policy too? If you do a significant amount of driving whether in a rental car, a friend’s car, or a company-owned vehicle, you might want to consider getting a non-owner insurance policy.

ABBA Insurance can also file an SR22 through a non owners policy. In some cases, car owners with existing auto insurance will purchase a non owners policy specifically for this purpose. They maintain the non owners policy as long as the SR22 filing is necessary and then cancel this policy when their filing requirements have been satisfied.

How it works:

Basically, non-owner car insurance works like this: you purchase a policy from your agent or car rental company (if you’re renting one). In the event of an accident, your insurance will pay for the damage or injuries you cause to the other party. (You may want to consider other options before deciding to buy insurance from car rental firms, as their prices are considerably higher than those offered by other insurers.) Non owner insurance can also include uninsured motorist coverage and medical payments and/or personal injury protection (PIP).

This type of insurance will not cover the cost of repairing the car that you are using.

Non-owner insurance is also helpful if you often use the car of a friend or family member with whom you do not share a residence. Although the primary insurance that will kick in is that of the car owner’s in case of an accident, the insurance you have will help cover any amount in excess of the limit of the vehicle owner’s insurance.

The events covered by non-owner insurance can vary according to state and/or insurance company. It would be best to consult with an insurance professional at ABBA Insurance before you sign up for a policy. Just remember that all drivers should have at least the basic coverage. Not having a car you can call your own is no excuse for neglecting the potential financial consequences of driving.

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