Mar 14 2017

Need business insurance? Find the best price! Compare the leading insurers and get the best deal at Australia’s only business insurance comparison site, and on top of this, get a further $50 OFF your policy. Get covered in under 5 minutes – No more boring paperwork! Want to save this offer for later? Just hit the GET IT button on the deal page and enter your details! Bizz Buzz #product #liability #insurance

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They’ll compare the leading insurance providers to find the best policy for your business at the lowest price

Then give you a further $50 Off that low price!

You can get insurance for all your business needs, including professional indemnity, public liability and business insurance on an exhaustive list of professions. If you are looking for top-tier insurance services, BizCover has seriously got you covered!

What a relief to find a business insurance provider that caters to 21st century technology savvy, time poor business owners. You can quote me on that

Miriam Zolin Extempore Pty Ltd

Also, if you need to make a claim, let BizCover chase it up for you. As a complimentary service they will act on your behalf and take your claim directly to the insurer.

They also offer a price promise on professional indemnity insurance and ensure you won t find it cheaper anywhere else. Otherwise they ll match it or give you a full refund.

Why Buy Insurance from BizCover?

Multiple quotes in just 2 minutes: BizCover gives you more choice by providing you quotes from Australia’s Leading Insurers.

No forms to fill in: Their process is very convenient and efficient. You get results without needing to fill in endless boring and complex paper forms.

  • Buy online: Unlike other providers, with BizCover you can compare and buy online anytime, day or night. No need to wait for someone to call you back!
    • Get policy documents instantly: An instant after payment is made, your policy documents are emailed to you.

    I really enjoyed the whole process and the fact that it was extremely seamless and easy to use. It was extremely cheap relative to what I was on. Instead of printing off 7 pages, filling in more than 20 questions, then scanning and emailing back to broker,  then getting an email back, again paying and emailing back the receipt and then waiting to get the invoice back and etc etc it just took 5 minutes for me to do. I will refer you guys to all my colleagues.

    More Great Reasons to Use BizCover

    Efficient and convenient BizCover understands your time is valuable, so they make it easy for you to compare quotes and buy your policy. With BizCover there’s no waiting for your policy documents they’re sent to your email just seconds after you’ve paid for them.

    More choice BizCover offers a transparent marketplace where you can purchase your insurance from many of Australia’s Leading insurers. These insurers have committed to placing their products side by side for customers to compare their prices and the key features of each product. All this is aimed at empowering you to make a more informed choice for your business.

    Save time Purchasing traditional professional and business insurance is extremely time consuming process. BizCover have designed their website to reduce unnecessary steps and save you time by providing quotes in less than two minutes. In fact, the entire process from purchase to receiving documentation can be completed in just 5 minutes!

    Save money BizCover save you money in 3 ways:

    More competitive pricing by having multiple insurance companies quote their prices side by side

    Automating the quotation and purchase process lets them reduce overheads and pass on this cost reduction to you in the form of reduced administration charges

    By saving you time, you can focus on more important things, like growing your business!

    I m impressed with how easy it was for me to obtain the insurance cover I needed using your site. The process went very smoothly, and the staff were helpful in answering my queries. I was able to obtain cover almost immediately. Once I completed the online payment, the finalised policy documents arrived in my inbox in seconds.

    See more BizCover testimonials here .

    Want to save $50 of your next insurance policy and get your business covered instantly? Just click “Get It” to get covered in 5 minutes flat!

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