Mar 6 2018

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Fall National Meeting

Tentative Agenda Available

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Summer National Meeting

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Chorus Call Dial-in Numbers

Chorus Call Registration – Interested Parties (IP’s) must register for an IP code to participate in calls.

Regulators Credentialed Media: 877-270-2148

Interested Parties: 412-902-6510

Use link in calendar listing to register for Diamond Pass Calls

Regulators Credentialed Media: 866-332-4905

Interested Parties: 412-317-6715

Regulators Credentialed Media: 800-882-3610

Interested Parties: 412-380-2000



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December 2-4, 2017

(Three Full-day Sessions)

NAIC Fall 2017 National Meeting

  • Agenda11/14/17

For the convenience of national meeting attendees, the National Meeting Agenda now contains agendas, materials and summaries from each group currently scheduled to meet in open session at the National Meeting. This information is posted as it becomes available and formatted for use on electronic devices such as iPhones, iPads and personal computers.

  • Meeting Preview9/29/17
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making your flight arrangements to attend the National Meeting, we strongly encourage you to check the program agenda on this page for the most current dates and times of meeting sessions, as well as any pre- or post-National Meeting special sessions. Meeting times and locations are subject to change

    Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you require specific aids or services, please contact the NAIC Meetings Dept. at [email protected] with specific item or service needed, at least two weeks prior to the meeting start date.

    HMSA and Sharecare Present the 2017 NAIC Walk for Well-Being Challenge

    HMSA and Sharecare are excited to host the NAIC Walk for Well-Being Challenge. As you explore Waikiki, you’ll be greeted with music, dancing, and other fun activities. You’ll experience firsthand what makes Hawaii #1 in the nation for well-being. This year, Sharecare is making it easy to start tracking your way to a healthier you. Download and register for Sharecare today.

    To Register for Sharecare:

    1. Download Sharecare from the App Store or Google Play store.
    2. Register for a Sharecare account.
    3. Find out your RealAge .
    4. Start tracking your steps in the green days tracker.

    To Join the Challenge

    1. Visit from your mobile device or desktop.
    2. Login to your Sharecare account.
    3. Select Challenges and join the NAIC Walk for Well-Being Challenge.

    Once the challenge starts on December 1, the convention hall will display a live leaderboard or you can view it at

    HMSA and Sharecare look forward to seeing you in Hawaii and challenge you to walk for better well-being.

    RealAge is a registered mark of Sharecare, Inc.

    Sharecare, Inc., is an independent company that provides health and well-being programs to engage members on behalf of HMSA.

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