Sep 6 2017

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Do You Know You Can Trade Multiple MT4 Forex Accounts at the Same Time?

Launching LTC Client EA on MT4 client account.

Attach Client EA to MT4 Client account(s)

Attach LTC Client EA to all MT4 client accounts you want to copy the trades to. You can add or remove client accounts from your setup anytime you want.

To run the Client EA you do not have to input a license key, which makes it easier to operate the Local Trade Copier software. Only Server EA requires you to input a license key.

Only one chart needs to have Client EA attached per MT4 client account to copy all trades of all the instruments. EA can be attached to any chart or any time frame, but I recommend EURUSD.

I highly recommend using a separate empty chart for the LTC Client EA and do not attach any other indicators or scripts to the same chart window.

You can start a Client EA with default settings and learn all different options along the way.

By default, Client EA uses Signal_Provider_ID=1. which means it will listen for trading signals to all Server EAs operating with the same ID, or in other words, in the same group #1. You can use this parameter to have different groups of accounts on the same computer copying different strategies. It is also possible to set a list of master accounts to follow using the FilterMasterAccounts parameter. Details are explained in the instruction manual.

By default, Client EA will copy the trades risking the same amount in percentage according to master and client account difference and deposit currency. With LTC it is possible to determine the risk factor for each client account separately. In other words, LTC can handle different lot sizes for different accounts independent of their balance. LTC does all the necessary conversion so if the client account is 5x times bigger the position size copied will be 5x times bigger as well as an example. Local Trade Copier has 5 risk management options .

Once started, LTC Client EA will start listening to all Server EAs running on the same computer non-stop for new trades and existing trade changes and apply them immediately.

Step 6

BUY trade copied between two MT4 accounts using Local Trade Copier.

Start copying trades from master to client accounts

The best way to test if a trade copier setup is correct without any risk is to place a pending order on the master account at any price very far away from the current market price (at least 30 pips away). This way it won t be triggered and you will be able to see if Client EA catches and copies the trade. Of course, on a demo account, you can test with any type of trade.

The trade should be copied in less than 1 second. If your Local Trade Copier is copying trades slower you should read this article to learn how MT4 speed can be improved .

Once the trade is copied you will find all kinds of information printed in the EXPERTS log at the bottom of MT4 (copy speed, slippage, etc). This is also a place to look for any error or warning messages if you see any of the Client EA s gray icons turn red.

All kinds of trades will be copied: buy, sell, pending orders (limit, stop), trade modifications, trade close signals, partial close, closeBy, etc.

LTC will copy the trades from the master account regardless how they were opened: by another Expert Advisor, script, manually, or remotely by your trade manager on your account running somewhere else.

What my customers are saying

I tried to find some good MetaTrader signal copy program for a long time. Finally I’ve found Local Trade Copier and I can recommend this amazing software to anyone. There is no delay when copying trades and installation is pretty easy. I’m completely satisfied with this product.

Petr Bystricky, Czech republic

The LTC is one of the best copiers available on the market. It is very stable (in all time that I have been using the EA I have not had any problem with it), easy to install and has very fast trade execution. Definitely I will recommend this product to anyone who is looking for this type of software.

William Alfonso Tapia Diaz, Chile

9.3 out of 10 based on 30 customer ratings

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