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Motorcycle Insurance

Welcome to the w BW Motorcycle Insurance page, with information on where to find motorcycle insurance quotes, cheap motorcycle insurance, online quotes and information about motorcycle insurance in Canada, the U.K. and more! If you have any recommendations or feedback on motorcycle insurance, send them to Thanks!

Tips on Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Make sure you know which company is underwriting the insurance; it’s not always easy to tell; most often a motorcycle insurance policy is purchased from a broker, and if there are problems with the underwriter, you can end up with no policy and no refund!

Compare prices and policy details. Everything isn’t necessarily equal! Check your state or local laws first. You may want or need coverage for yourself, for passengers, for custom equipment, comprehensive and collision, uninsured motorists, medical payments and more.


The Insurance Information Institute (U.S.A.) has some good tips on purchasing insurance | The U.S. Government Consumer Information Center Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs has some good tips that can be applied to purchasing motorcycle insurance; this page also has a listing of every telephone number for each state’s insurance information department | Lower your motorcycle insurance costs! Most motorcycle insurance companies offer a discount if the owner has successfully passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider safety course | Guide to buying motorcycle insurance with tips on liability, uninsured motorist, comprehensive, collision and more | Motorcycle Insurance Tips has information on purchasing insurance and more

Insurance Broker vs. Underwriter?

A broker is defined as an independent agent who represents the buyer, rather than the insurance company, and tries to find the buyer the best policy . An insurance underwriter is the organization that actually sells insurance and takes the risk.

Note that some of the companies listed on this page are brokers; that is, they may shop your details around to several insurance underwriters to get quotes, but they normally take a percentage of the transaction. This isn’t necessarily bad if the broker is upfront about the process and makes the process of finding motorcycle insurance more efficient for you.

Motorcycle Insurance – U.S.A.

Ace Insurance Services also provides insurance for motorcycle racing and motorcycle track owners | Allstate motorcycle insurance provides online quotes | Bikeline by Markel American Insurance Company has been providing motorcycle insurance for over 30 years and offers online quotes; motorcycle insurance is their main line of business | BMW Motorcycle Owners of America insurance for members | Dairyland and Sentry motorcycle insurance have merged | Ducati Cycle Insurance was specifically created for Ducati owners; Note: apparently no longer in business | Foremost Motorcycle Insurance | Geico Motorcycle Insurance with free online quotes | GMAC motorcycle insurance (information only site, apparently insurance is sold only through brokers) | Motorcycle Services, LLC provides online motorcycle insurance quotes for most (but not all) states | Progressive Motorcycle Insurance offers online quotes | Cycle Services North America (aka Bros Club) also has online motorcycle insurance quotes | Motorcycle Insurance Quotes online | Sentry Insurance has motorcycle insurance and also insurance for vintage and antique motorcycles

Motorcycle Insurance – UK

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has information for consumers on purchasing insurance | Insurance Canada provides information on insurance for consumers | Canadian National Online Insurance Directory

Eddie Ramirez wrote to us: I work for Adventure Mexican Insurance Services, Inc. We specialize in tourist auto insurance for people driving into Mexico. We insure many RV Caravan, motorcycle and church groups. Our website allows customers to purchase Mexican auto insurance from their own computer in less than 5 minutes. | Mexico Auto Insurance specializes in Mexico travel insurance and they have several tips on driving in Mexico and visiting the country; they also have a separate website for truck, RV, motorcycle or rental car insurance and information

The w BW International and Temporary Motorcycle Insurance page | The International Insurance Factbook has lots of information on various types of insurance in many different countries | Visiting the U.S.A. Fernet Insurance brokers can help you find temporary motorcycle insurance for riding in the U.S.A. | Temporary motorcycle insurance while riding in the U.S.A. Canada and Europe available through Motorcycle Services ; they also airfreight uncrated motorcycles between the U.S.A. Canada and Europe

These online services may be some help in finding the least expensive motorcycle insurance through online quotes. Be careful about providing personal information – make sure you read their privacy policies first! | w BW visitor L.M. recommends Fernet Insurance (U.S.A.), who found him the best deal on motorcycle insurance | Payless Guide to Motorcycle Insurance | claims to find instant motorcycle insurance quotes in 45 states | United Marine Underwriters motorcycle insurance appears to be an underwriting firm that works with a group of motorcycle insurers; online quotes are available for customers or insurers, apparently the information is sent to a variety of insurers, dependant upon where you live

Ducati and Foremost Insurance now have a Ducati motorcycle insurance program that can also insure things like safety apparel, helmets, leathers, gloves, custom paint jobs and optional equipment like aftermarket parts and accessories; also available is towing and roadside assistance and most policies automatically include First Accident Waiver

Nationwide has a vintage motorcycle insurance discount | Progressive also has a special antique and vintage motorcycle insurance program for motorcycles older than 24 years | GMAC has special motorcycle insurance plans for classic and vintage motorcycles

Classic – Vintage Motorcycle Insurance U.K.

Peter Best Insurance (U.K.) has collector’s bike insurance

More Motorcycle Insurance Information

Insurance Information: The Legal Information Institute has all sorts of legal information and court case examples that describe the legal basis for insurance in the U.S.A.

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Insurance: See the w BW Motorcycle Extended Warranty Page

Motorcycle Insurance and Motorcycle Rallies: From w BW visitor D.N. : When I bought my 2005 Wing, I also got Geico insurance because it was cheap. However, I have since become aware of a serious limitation which is causing me to change companies. I participate in Rallies and do Iron Butt rides. My liability insurance is no good if I go over 500 miles in 24 hours on a rally. I talked to Geico about this, and there is no way to buy a waiver from them for the additional coverage. They claim it does not apply if you are touring, only if you are entered in competition. Moral of the story: always read your policy!

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