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MONY Life Insurance Product Support #universal #life #insurance

#life insurance online

Service requests or inquires


Premium or loan repayment without a billing notice

MONY Life of America

P.O. Box 4830

Syracuse, NY 13221

To ensure that payments are processed as quickly as possible, use the address listed on your premium notice.

Service Request Forms*

By clicking on one of the choices below, you may print the request form on your computer’s printer or you can login or enroll for online account access to perform these transactions online.

The following service requests cannot be completed online at this time. A written request by the policyowner must be mailed to our administrative office. By clicking on one of the choices below, you may print the request form on your coumputer’s printer. After completing and signing the form, mail it to the address on the form.

Requests for most variable life products may be submitted online .

These forms are Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here .

When you have completed and signed the form, please return it to the address indicated. You may also request these forms be mailed to you by calling our toll-free number, (800) 487-6669 and speaking to a Customer Service Representative.

If you need additional information, send us your request.

Common Questions

Beneficiary information

The beneficiary is the person(s) designated in the policy to receive the death proceeds in the event of the Insured’s death.

Yes. If proceeds become payable to a child during his/her minority, we will pay the court-appointed guardian for the estate of the child. The minor’s parent automatically serves as guardian of the minor’s person but not his/her estate.

Alternative suggestion: The policyowner should consider designating a Custodian to receive, manage, invest and distribute the proceeds for the minor under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act. Ex: John Doe as custodian for Bobby Smith, a minor born 3/3/98, under the NY UTMA. When the minor reaches the age of majority, the custodianship terminates and the balance of any funds are distributed to the child.

Yes, simply indicate the name of the trustee(s), the name of the trust, the date of the trust and the name(s) of the grantors in Section 1 of the Title Change Form. Sample wording: XYZ Bank as trustee or the successor trustee under an agreement known as the John Smith Living Trust dated 01/01/98, made by and between John Smith and said trustee. Click here for a printable form.

Any change of beneficiary will take effect as of the date the form was signed, provided is has been accepted and recorded at the Operations Center, subject to any payment made by us or action taken by us before receipt of the request at our Operations Center.

Yes. Simply indicate the relationship(s) to the insured person(s) along with the full names of the proposed beneficiaries. All primary beneficiaries should be listed in Section 1 under First Beneficiary(ies). Joint beneficiaries will receive equal shares proportionate to the number of those beneficiaries who survive the insured.

A Title Change form (10481) should be completed, dated and signed. Indicate the new beneficiaries in Section 1 (be sure to indicate the full name and relationship of each person to the insured). Your change of name can also be indicated on the form in the space directly under the policy number. Click here for a printable form.

No. Simply write to us at

MONY Life of America

P. O. Box 4830

Syracuse, NY 13221

advising us that your beneficiary, Jane Doe, has changed her name to Jane Smith. Provide her new address, if appropriate. We will make note of this information. No forms are necessary. Please be sure to include your policy number(s).

Multiple policies may be indicated on each Title Change form (10481). However, separate forms must be used for each insured,except in the case of a Multi-Life policy. Click here for a printable form.

The person who can exercise rights is the rights holder of the policy. This term is synonymous with Owner, the individual who can exercise all rights under the provisions of the policy.

If you are required to designate an ex-spouse or children as beneficiary(ies) pursuant to a divorce decree or order, then the decree should be submitted to us. We will conform the beneficiary designation to the terms of the decree. If you currently have your ex-spouse listed as beneficiary, then you should either change the beneficiary to reflect your new choice of beneficiary or to reconfirm your desire to designate the ex-spouse despite the divorce. In most states, a divorce does not automatically extinguish the rights of an ex-spouse as beneficiary. Therefore, an Insured who inadvertently leaves his/her ex-spouse as beneficiary of record may cause payment of the death benefits to the ex-spouse even though such payment is contrary to his/her intent.

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