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Department of Accounting and Information Systems

We know accounting isn’t just about numbers—it’s about relationships. The personal connections between Broad accounting students, alumni, faculty and employers is what sets us apart.

The nationally recognized faculty of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems at Michigan State University continually work to set our students up for success. We understand that, in the ever-changing fields of accounting and information systems, it’s crucial to provide students with skills and resources that keep them at the forefront of the industry. The department offers programs at every level—undergraduate through doctoral—and students graduate with outstanding knowledge, skills and unrivaled professionalism.

Chris Hogan

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  • Russell E. Palmer Endowed Professor in Accounting
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Collaborative Relationships

The mission of our department is to create and disseminate knowledge in accounting and information systems through collaborative relationships. It is because of these collaborative relationships among students, alumni, faculty and employers that our department has been so successful. In our department, you will find nationally recognized and respected faculty, and incredibly bright and hard-working students.

We have dedicated alumni and employers who continually work with us to ensure our graduates are prepared for the rapidly changing fields of accounting and information systems. I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our programs, faculty and students, and to contact us if you need additional information.

Accounting @ Broad

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in creating and disseminating expertise in making business happen.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge in accounting and information systems through collaborative relationships.

  • Graduates with outstanding knowledge, skills and professionalism
  • Thought leaders in education, research, professional standards and practice, and service
  • Expert and effective student mentoring and placement
  • Lifelong professional and personal development for alumni, staff and faculty

How We Accomplish Our Work

Collaborations among communities of:

Our Stakeholders

  • Highly engaged public accounting firms, corporations and alumni
  • Talented and motivated students, staff and faculty, both current and prospective
  • The Broad College, Michigan State University and the state of Michigan
  • The academy and professional communities

Our Value Contributions

We’ve produced premier accounting and information systems talent for more than half a century.

Accounting careers afford ambitious professionals a wealth of career possibilities. Even in challenging economic times, accountants typically enjoy a strong job market, and starting salaries are usually among the top salaries offered to college graduates. A degree in accounting, the “language of business,” provides an excellent base for upward mobility.

The Department of Accounting and Information Systems in the Broad College is home to one of the nation’s top accounting programs. For more than 50 years, the Department of Accounting and Information Systems has been attracting bright, ambitious students and has been the state’s largest provider of certified public accountants (CPAs). Our AACSB-accredited undergraduate and graduate accounting degree programs are consistently ranked highly by the Public Accounting Report.

AIS Programs

This competitive Ph.D. program prepares doctoral candidates to become productive researchers and educators at top research universities. Specializations include audit, financial accounting, managerial accounting and tax.

Prepares scholars to become innovative and productive information systems researchers. Doctoral students work with ITM faculty who are nationally renowned for their publications, editorial positions, research grant funding and information systems community leadership.

This accounting and analytics program prepares students with technical knowledge, critical thinking skills and global mindset to thrive. Choose from specializations in taxation, information systems, and public and corporate accounting. The forward-looking curriculum prepares students to sit for the CPA or CMA exam.

This experiential program teaches problem-solvers how to use big data and analytics to solve business problems. Corporate projects each semester provide an opportunity to focus on business strategy, applied statistics and data mining to gain real-world experience and professional partnerships.

The bachelor’s degree in accounting program prepares students for careers in public, managerial and governmental accounting.

With the 100 percent online Master Certificate in Business Analytics, you’ll discover how to leverage data from both inside and outside your organization to continue optimizing internal operations today, while creating the revolutionary strategies to safeguard sustainable business success tomorrow.

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Department of Accounting and Information Systems

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