Aug 14 2017

Make a Payment – Insurance from AIG in the US #sbi #personal #loan

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Make a Private Client Group Payment

Billing Questions?

  • Please call toll free at (866) 856-6855.

Before you connect to our payment site, please refer to the following information. You will need your billing statement as well as your checkbook or credit card handy.

  • Your user ID is the first 10 numeric digits in your account number, which is located on your payment stub. In the example below, the user ID is 0005102226.
  • Your initial password is a combination of your five-digit billing zip code and the seven-digit broker number on your billing statement. The broker number is located on the left-hand column of the billing statement below the broker name, address and telephone number. For example, if your billing zip code is 12345 and the broker number is 0034891, your password is 123450034891.
  • Once logged in, you will be prompted to change your password. The new password must be a minimum of six numeric digits.
  • Online and telephone payments are available for continental US billing addresses only.
  • It can take up to five business days for your transaction to process.

  Payment methods


Please make checks payable to “Private Client Group.” Include your payment stub with your check, and mail using the remittance envelope that came with your bill. If you don’t have your remittance envelope, find mailing instructions here.  


Call toll free (866) 856-6855 and select option 1.

Credit card

We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Please note:

  • To ensure that your payment is received before the due date, please allow three to five business days for processing.
  • Payments made after 8:00 p.m. (ET) will begin processing the next business day.
  • Payments may be scheduled up to 25 days in advance of the due date on your billing statement.
  • If your invoice includes past due amounts, those amounts are due immediately.
  • If you received a cancellation notice, the payment due date is the date listed on the printed notice—not the due date shown on the payment website.
  • Payment on cancelled policies does not guarantee coverage will be reinstated.
  • To make a payment on a policy pending cancellation, please contact a billing associate at (866) 856-6855.

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