Sep 30 2017

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RESULTS The attorneys at Girardi | Keese have recovered more than $10 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients who have been injured or killed because of someone else’s actions. View Our Success Stories

Because quality representation matters, 11 of our attorneys are certified members of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). We bring exceptional trial experience to every case. About Us

  • Personal Injury Serious Injuries, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries more. Visit Injury Section
  • Defective Products Defective Medical Devices and Drugs, Child Safety Seats, Tire Auto Defects more. Visit Products Section
  • Toxic Torts Illegal Dumping, Toxic Waste, Hazardous Chemicals, Other Environmental Claims. Toxic Torts Section
  • Employment Business Law Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Business/Commercial Litigation, more. Employment Section
  • Aviation Law International Air Accidents, Maintenance Negligence, Design Defects more. Aviation Section

We Are Trial Lawyers

The Girardi | Keese Factor: Fighting for the Right Side

Back in 1965, when Girardi | Keese first opened its doors, the issues were simple. Person A hurt Person B, but Person A did not mean to cause harm.

Over the years, however, we noticed a moral component entering into our legal work. Person A (often a big company, not a single person) made decisions knowing full well that Person B (plus lots of people like Person B) would be hurt. The big company, however, thought profits would far outweigh the risks. Person B became an unimportant casualty in the quest for quarterly income statements, stock options and dividends.

You Are Not an Unimportant Casualty in the Quest for Profit

For the trial lawyers at Girardi | Keese. that is wrong. If you are the victim of another person’s (or company’s) negligent, reckless or illegal actions, call 800-401-4530 or send us an email. We have the resources and the passion to give a voice to people who have suffered personal injury and financial harm because of the often-deliberate actions of big companies.

Our Focus: Helping David Fight Goliath

We help people in California (nationwide in select cases) in legal matters involving personal injury, defective products, toxic torts, business law, and employment law.

  • We fight drug companies that sell drugs knowing they will do harm.
  • We fight car manufacturers that don’t fix defects because it will cost a few dollars per car.
  • We fight big companies that allow discrimination/harassment of their employees.
  • We fight insurance companies that delay and deny rightful claims.

Our success stories show how often and for how long we’ve helped David fight Goliath. We’ve recovered more than $10 billion in verdicts and settlements for people injured or killed because of negligence and wrongdoing. To have us fight for you, call 800-401-4530.

You Will Have a Voice and a Team of Attorneys Behind You

Girardi | Keese keeps fighting back, providing a voice and a team of accomplished lawyers for people who have been injured. Tough cases require a law firm with resources, so you can count on us to ably and effectively represent you.

When our colleagues say, It’s a Girardi | Keese case, that means the case will get the resources it needs, that we will face the biggest companies in the world without blinking, without backing down, and that we will work for what is legally and morally right — fair compensation for every client.

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Our Success Stories

  • $4.85 billion settlement with Merck for personal injuries to consumers of the drug Vioxx.
  • $1.9 billion settlement with Sempra Energy on behalf of California consumers who were.
  • $1.7 billion settlement with El Paso Gas on behalf of California consumers who were.
  • $785 million jury verdict against several chemical manufacturers for toxic tort.
  • $633 million settlement with PG E for toxic tort personal injury claims by.
  • $300 million settlement with PG E for toxic tort personal injury claims by.
  • $200 million settlement with Farmers Insurance for homeowners whose property had been.
  • $90 million settlement with Lockheed, after the initial 25 plaintiffs in the case were.
  • $68 million settlement with a major pharmaceutical company for personal injuries to.
  • $46 million settlement with Rent-A-Center for class action alleging overpricing of.
  • $45 million jury verdict against the Ford Motor Company in a product liability case, for.
  • Multi-million dollar settlement with a California amusement park for 4-year-old boy.
  • $35 million settlement with major supermarket for 11-year-old girl who suffered.
  • $30 million settlement with international insurance company for committing bad faith.
  • $25 million jury verdict against B. Braun for theft of trade secrets involving a.
  • $13 million settlement with Chevron USA for contamination of water wells in.
  • $12.5 million jury verdict against the Masonic Home for negligent supervision.

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