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List of Long Term or 90 days Residential Drug Treatment Programs in Georgia, long term insurance.#Long #term #insurance


Long Term Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs In Georgia

One of the things that often confuse people when it comes to drug treatment programs in the state of Georgia is why so many of them are government funded. Since many of the state s drug addicts are unable to hold down a job, they are not paying any taxes, so no one sees a reason why they should be benefiting.

There are two reasons why the government steps in and helps finance the addicts stay at a Georgia state residential drug therapy program. The first explanation is easy. If the addict is able to get cleaned up, there is a chance that they can become a productive member of society. This means that they will be able to get a job and start paying taxes. That alone justifies paying their way through the rehab program.

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The second reason the government feels that the use of Medicare is a reasonable way to finance a person s stint in rehab is because it has been discovered that the addiction really is not the addicts fault. There is some sort of chemical imbalance that forces them to rely on drugs so that they can feel good. Considering this information, the government feels that drug addicts deserve the same respect and financial help as anyone else who is dealing with any other form of mental illness. That is also why no one is ever a recovered addict, but is always referred to as a recovering addict.

The one thing the state government might want to consider is trying to come up with the funding for more long term programs. Studies have indicated that people who go through a long term (usually 3+ months) residential drug therapy program are significantly more likely to stay sober than an addict that has only gone through a 28 day program.

90-Day Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Georgia

Currently in the state of Georgia, there are just over 30 different drug and alcohol treatment programs that will provide a 90-day program for drug and alcohol addicts. These programs will offer a wide variety of different treatment options such as, meetings, group counseling, individual counseling, cognitive therapy, and various other forms of traditional therapy. There will also typically be all of the amenities needed on-site to live there for the 90-day period.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Long-Term Treatment?

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment does have many benefits, and this includes the length of time that is provided for clients. Longer programs, those of which do last 60 to 120 days, will provide a better opportunity for a patient to handle all the underlying issues and problems. Further to this, a client will gain the necessary skills and abilities to remain sober and succeed in life.

60 to 120-Day Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Georgia

All throughout the state of Georgia are over 40 inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, all of which can provide 60 to 120-day programs for their clients. This type of intensive care provides ideal solutions for addicts who require a controlled environment while they go through treatment. Residential programs will provide typically everything a client will need to be comfortable.

Costs of 60 to 120-Day Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Most of the inpatient drug treatment centers throughout the state of Georgia will accept some type of health insurance, and this can include Medicare or Medicaid and other stare operated insurance providers. Other options include private programs, which are self-payment, while families without any insurance can find services to provide payment plans or sliding fee scales.

Exact Care Options for Addicts within Inpatient Centers

Addicts who are requiring specific treatment, such as service for co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders, can locate facilities providing such services. Other programs can be specific in nature for gender and age groups, or may provide a certain type of rehabilitation and treatment for their client s addiction.

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

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