List of Insurance Companies in the Philippines – Business 589 #affordable #auto #insurance

#list of car insurance companies #Insurance touches all our lives..

List of Insurance Companies in the Philippines – Business 589 #affordable #auto #insurance

#list of car insurance companies

Insurance touches all our lives in a multitude of ways. It is an essential element in our present day life, securing our standards of living and the stability of our families, as well as our property rights. Everyone in this country (Philippines) feels the protecting arm in some form of insurance and most of us are affected by the many forms of its protection.

(Picture) List of Insurance Companies in the Philippines

That’s how insurance companies place a vital role in our lives. It is therefore critical to have a wise decision in choosing what insurance companies that suit your needs. Here’s a list of insurance companies in the Philippines that you can choose. The Insurance Commission in the Philippines certified their licenses for Year 2010 to 2011.


  • COMPOSITE (Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies)
  1. AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation 2010/26-R
    (Formerly: ATR Professional Life Assurance Corporation – name changed effective 31 March 2003)
  2. CLIMBS Life General Insurance Cooperative 2010/1-R
  3. Paramount Life General Insurance Corporation 2010/50-R
  4. Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company 2010/54-R
    1. AsianLife Financial Assurance Corporation 2010/25-R
      (Formerly: All Asia Life Assurance Corporation -name changed effective 31 March 2003)
    2. Banclife Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/120-R
    3. Beneficial Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/117-R
    4. BF Life Insurance Corporation 2010/38-R
    5. BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation 2010/56-R
      (Formerly:Ayala Life Assurance, Inc.)
    6. CAP Life Insurance Corporation 2010/73-R
    7. Caritas Life Insurance Corporation 2010/116-R
    8. Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines 2010/61-R
    9. Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation 2010/12-R
    10. First Life Financial Company, Inc. 2010/84-R
      (Formerly: First Guarantee Life Assurance Co.-as of 2007 )
    11. Fortune Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/10-R
    12. Generali Pilipinas Life Assurance Company, Inc. 2010/88-R
    13. Great Life Financial Assurance Corporation 2010/75-R

      (Formerly: Nippon Life Insurance Company of the Philippines as of 2007)

    14. Grepalife Financial, Inc. 2010/30-R
      (Formerly: Great Pacific Life Assurance Corp)
    15. Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. The 2010/66-R
    16. Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation 2010/34-R
    17. Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Phils.), Inc. The 2010/77-R
    18. Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Branch), The 2010/78-R
    19. Manulife Chinabank Life Assurance Corporation 2010/79-R
      (Formerly: The Pramerica Life Insurance Co. Inc.)
    20. Philam Equitable Life Assurance Company, Inc. 2010/55-R
    21. Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation 2010/52-R
    22. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/76-R
    23. Philippines International Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/24-R
    24. Pioneer Life Inc. 2010/46-R
    25. PNB Life Insurance, Inc. 2010/60-R
    26. Pru Life Insurance Corporation of U.K. 2010/47-R
    27. Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corporation 2010/85-R
    28. Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. 2010/70-R
    29. United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation 2010/108-R
    30. United Life Assurance Corporation 2010/33-R
  1. AFP General Insurance Corporation 2010/32-R
  2. Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation 2010/92-R
  3. Alpha Insurance and Surety Company, Inc. 2010/5-R
  4. Asia Insurance (Philippines) Corporation (a) 2010/29-R
    (Formerly: Asia Traders Insurance Corporation – name change effec. 23 June 2004)
  5. Asia United Insurance, Inc. 2010/81-R
  6. BF General Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/104-R
  7. BPI/MS Insurance Corporation 2010/86-R
  8. Bankers Assurance Corporation 2010/3-R
    (Formerly:Malayan Zurich Insurance Company, Inc. – name changed effec. 13 October 2006.)
  9. Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. 2010/51-R
  10. CAP General Insurance Corporation 2010/27-R
  11. CCC Insurance Corporation 2010/80-R
  12. Centennial Guarantee Assurance Corporation (b) 2010/103-R
  13. Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. 2010/105-R
    (Formerly: AIU Insurance (Philippines) Company, Inc.)
  14. Cibeles Insurance Corporation 2010/42-R
  15. Commonwealth Insurance Company 2010/8-R
  16. Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/82-R
  17. Country Bankers Insurance Corporation 2010/49-R
  18. Eastern Assurance and Surety Corporation (a, b) 2010/88-R
  19. Empire Insurance Company 2010/40-R
  20. Equitable Insurance Corporation (a) 2010/23-R
  21. Far Eastern Surety Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/113-R
  22. Federal Phoenix Assurance Company, Inc. 2010/111-R
  23. FLT Prime Insurance Corporation 2010/65-R
    (Formerly: First Lepanto-Taisho Insurance Corp. – name changed effec. 11 May 2005)
  24. Finman General Assurance Corporation 2010/11-R
  25. First Integrated Bonding Insurance Co. Inc. 2010/91-R
  26. First Nationwide Assurance Corporation, The 2010/4-R
  27. Fortune General Insurance Corporation 2010/19-R
  28. Generali Pilipinas Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/68-R
  29. Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Phils. Inc. (b) 2010/112-R
  30. Industrial Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/110-R
  31. Insurance of the Philippine Islands Company, Inc. 2010/64-R
  32. Insurance Company of North America 2010/114-R
  33. Intra Strata Assurance Corporation (a) 2010/107-R
  34. Investors Assurance Corporation 2010/95-R
  35. Liberty Insurance Corporation 2010/63-R

    (a) Not authorized to issue Customs Bonds

    (b) Not authorized to issue Judicial Bonds

  36. MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc. 2010/57-R
  37. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/2-R
    (Merged with Tokio Marine Malayan Ins. Co. Inc. on July 2, 2008)
  38. Manila Insurance Company, Inc. The 2010/41-R
  39. Manila Surety and Fidelity Company, Inc. 2010/18-R
  40. Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation 2010/9-R
  41. Mercantile Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/100-R
  42. Meridian Assurance Corporation 2010/58-R
  43. Metropolitan Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/48-R
  44. Monarch Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/31-R
  45. New Hampshire Insurance Company 2010/109/R
  46. New India Assurance Company, Ltd. The 2010/99-R
  47. Northwest Insurance Surety Company, Inc. 2010/21-R
  48. Oriental Assurance Corporation 2010/43-R
  49. Pacific Union Insurance Company (a) 2010/74-R
  50. PGA Sompo Japan Insurance, Inc. 2010/37-R
  51. People’s General Insurance Corporation 2010/93-R
  52. Perla Compania de Seguros, Inc. 2010/20-R
  53. Petrogen Insurance Corporation 2010/87-R
  54. Philippine British Assurance Company, Inc. 2010/14-R
  55. Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation 2010/36-R
  56. Philippine Fire and Marine Insurance Corporation 2010/53-R
  57. Philippines First Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/118-R
  58. Philippine General Insurance Corporation 2010/119-R
  59. Philippine Phoenix Surety and Insurance Company, Inc 2010/90-R
  60. Pioneer Asia Insurance Corporation 2010/62-R
  61. Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation 2010/17-R
  62. Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corporation 2010/16-R
  63. Plaridel Surety and Insurance Company 2010/13-R
  64. PNB General Insurers Company, Inc. 2010/44-R
  65. Premier Insurance Surety Corporation, The 2010/72-R
  66. Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc. 2010/45-R
  67. QBE Insurance (Philippines), Inc. 2010/7-R
  68. R B Insurance Corporation 2010/28-R
  69. Reliance Surety and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/67-R
  70. Republic Surety and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/106-R
  71. Seaboard-Eastern Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/98-R
  72. Security Pacific Assurance Corporation 2010/59-R
  73. Solid Guaranty, Inc. The 2010/83-R
  74. Standard Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/39-R
  75. Sterling Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/89-R
  76. Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/15-R
  77. Summit Guaranty and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/94-R
  78. Travellers Insurance Surety Corporation (a) 2010/102-R
  79. UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/6-R
  80. United Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/69-R
  81. Utility Assurance Corporation 2010/22-R
  82. Visayan Surety and Insurance Corporation 2010/101-R
  83. Western Guaranty Corporation (a) 2010/35-R

(a) Not authorized to issue Customs Bonds

    1. National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines. 2010/97-R

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