Apr 17 2018

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Car Leasing Explained

This Lease Payment Calculator can be used to calculate monthly payments for any car lease. It can be used to check a dealer s math on a car lease contract. It can also be used to compare payments for lease deals on different cars.

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This mobile lease payment calculator uses the industry-standard leasing formula, which all car dealers use for consumer leases.

Cap Cost is the negotiated price of the vehicle plus any other costs, such as acquisition fee, that will be financed in the lease

Cap Cost Reduction is a down payment, if any, but should not include 1st month s payment, tax, or official fees

Trade-In Value is the down payment credit a dealer is offering for a trade-in vehicle, if any. (Get trade values at in the Used Car Appraise a Used Car section)

Residual Value is a vehicle s predicted lease-end value and depends on the make and model, as well as mileage allowance and lease months, and can be obtained from a dealer

Lease Term (lease length in months) is chosen by the customer in most leases, usually 24-48 months

Interest Rate, or Money Factor, is the lease finance rate set by the lease finance company and determined by a customer s credit score. You can Get Your Most Recent Credit Score Online . Multiply Money Factor by 2400 to get Interest Rate.

Sales Tax is applied to monthly payments in most states, but not all. Enter zero if in doubt.

If you use this calculator and the payment amount doesn t agree with the payment your dealer calculates, it means the dealer is using different numbers than those he has given you. You should challenge your dealer on the discrepancy, looking for hidden undisclosed charges.

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