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Main definitions of land in English

1 mass noun The part of the earth’s surface that is not covered by water.

  • ‘If the mine came down on land instead of water, it was supposed to go off seventeen seconds later.’
  • ‘The ecosystem, both on land and in the water, depends heavily upon the activity of bacteria.’
  • ‘There are 26,000 million insects living in every square mile of habitable land on Earth.’
  • ‘When the Earth is viewed from space on a cloudless day, all that can be seen are the edges of land, sea and icecaps.’
  • ‘Never dump oil in the water, on land or in the trash; fines can be in the thousands!’
  • ‘Seismic waves are detected by instruments known as geophones when used on land or hydrophones in water.’
  • ‘We’re amphibians, living part of our lives in the water and part on land.’
  • ‘A car that can drive on land, sail on water and fly through the air will be unveiled next month.’
  • ‘The melting of sea ice and glaciers on land make surface waters fresher than they are now.’
  • ‘The guns can be fired from the vehicle on land or water, or can be dismounted and used in a normal fashion.’
  • ‘Then imagine that you and your buddy are alone, with no sight of land, nor any surface cover!’
  • ‘The way solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface depends primarily on whether the surface is land or sea.’
  • ‘As happy in the water as on land, this breed is a fearless swimmer, and is most useful for hunting wild fowl.’
  • ‘Movements in water are slower than movements on land due to water resistance.’
  • ‘Equally at home in water or on land, the Newfoundland was large enough to pull in a drowning man or to break the ice to retrieve him.’
  • ‘After the wave comes the trough, where the sea level drops below normal and the water dumped on land pours back to the sea.’
  • ‘For while adult amphibians usually live on land, their soft eggs must be laid in the water.’
  • ‘When he did, he noticed that the dam was built half on land and half on water.’
  • ‘It was May, and the island was a meeting place for breeding animals, both in the water and on land.’
  • ‘What allows the eel catfish to flourish there is its elongated body and ability to feed on both land and water.’
  • ‘A fortnight ago, 800,000 square kilometres of land were under water across the region.’
  1. 1.1 as modifier Living or travelling on land rather than in water or the air.
  • ‘Most sharks are simply not tuned in to eating land mammals.’
  • ‘Why did we ever choose to become clumsy land beasts when water is our essence and feels so much like home?’
  • ‘In 1700 both land and water transport were still extremely expensive in most parts of Europe.’
  • ‘The screened-in shelter on the lakeshore offered a view of both land and water birds.’
  • ‘In consequence French land forces were both marooned and blockaded.’
  • ‘The best clue we can give you is that these organisms are considered to be the closest living relatives of land plants.’
  • ‘At the moment, silence is being maintained over both the arming of the land forces and the total cost of the military plans.’
  • ‘Next to the elephant, the white rhino is the largest land mammal and can weigh up to 3.6 metric tons.’
  • ‘The other important role for the Navy in Asia is to project land forces ashore.’
  • ‘He went on to command the US land forces at D-Day and the subsequent US advance through France.’
  • ‘He pointed out that whales share a number of traits with land mammals, such as milk and a placenta.’
  • ‘As a part of the fleets and flotillas they operated with land forces to defend ports and installations.’
  • ‘The report says the amount of contaminants in land mammals such as musk ox and reindeer is still low.’
  • ‘Every living land animal with a backbone is descended from the same group of fish.’
  • ‘And then, as now, it was essentially a debate between maritime forces and land forces.’
  • ‘The African elephant is the largest living land animal and weighs up to 5,400 kg.’
  • ‘A further benefit is that the winter months see greater cloud cover, making it easier for allied land forces to operate unseen.’
  • ‘After the war he specialised in tropical medicine and was consultant to the Far East land forces in Singapore.’
  • ‘Yet the Pleistocene was also characterized by the presence of distinctive large land mammals and birds.’
  • ‘Their teeth, like those of most land mammals, still show differentiation into several types.’
  • ‘It concerned a man called Mr John White, who bought 586 hectares of farming land in Northland.’
  • ‘The world’s cultivated lands have grown to an area about the size of South America.’
  • ‘After selling their farms in Southern California at profitable prices, many citrus growers began looking for new lands to farm.’
  • ‘The drought has not helped matters as animals have abandoned their traditional grazing lands in search of greener pastures.’
  • ‘The fishponds there were generally small and sited on marginal lands unusable for agriculture.’
  • ‘The aim is to restore waste land in the deprived area and create a community gardening scheme to attract jobs.’
  • ‘In this case a motorcyclist was injured in a collision at a junction where visibility was restricted by a bank of earth on land owned by British Rail.’
  • ‘How much is a prime parcel of Arctic land with a water view?’
  • ‘In most islands some small-scale farmers continued to occupy prime lands, maintaining a cash-crop culture on the margins of plantations.’
  • ‘They say that builders must be discouraged from building on green sites, rather than re-using land in the inner areas.’
  • ‘Every year the action of the wind destroyed thousands of hectares of fertile lands, apt for cattle exploitation.’
  • ‘Then on to the Fens – a land of fertile fields and canals and dykes with The Isle of Ely rising majestically from the heart of it all.’
  • ‘It would be able to seize vehicles caught fly tipping and could prosecute anyone caught dropping litter on any piece of land or water.’
  • ‘At times one could be forgiven for thinking that there would be no more land left to stake a mineral claim on.’
  • ‘Last year the archaeologists’ project was making sure land to be covered by a cycleway did not include valuable remains.’
  • ‘On a visit many years ago they chanced upon a man who declared he had the best plot of land on God’s Earth, on the shores of Loch Melford.’
  • ‘On every edge of the suburbs were hayfields, waste lands, ditches and culverts.’
  • ‘Arable land is one thing the Eastern Cape is not short of but development of much of this has been slow or non-existent.’
  • ‘Any land over 5 hectares that is not urban land is also covered by the proposed regime.’
  • ‘Today the county council said it was not aware of a promise to return to clean up the land but would arrange to tidy up any land which was covered in rubbish.’
  • ‘The landscape contains a mosaic of residential, agricultural, old field successional and forested lands.’
  • ‘But should we not remember who it was who broke the land and tilled the soil?’
  • ‘Edna Beard fell in love with the countryside while working the land to feed a nation at war.’
  • ‘Savory also noted that too much rest was as bad for the land as too much grazing.’
  • ‘Dung and bedding, along with all other crop residues, are returned to the land to replenish soil nutrients.’
  • ‘She is a country person who believes in using the products of the land.’
  • ‘In both cases, these local leaders play a key role in what happens on the land, including farm land.’
  • ‘German Mennonites settle the area, cultivate the land and build the infrastructure.’
  • ‘While Betsy and Mack spoke of working the land, Leah and Ana talked of different things.’
  • ‘So did the early Indo Europeans till the land and possess wheeled vehicles?’
  • ‘The programme, Clarissa and the Countryman, paid homage to the land and its food producers.’
  • ‘The Hebridean way of life is bound inextricably to the land.’
  • ‘But the growth of population was in the towns, and labourers left the land for the cities.’
  • ‘Lumbered with crippling debt, many farmers left the land, paving the way for the corporatization of agriculture.’
  • ‘For millions of poor peasants, it will mean being driven off the land by cheap agricultural imports.’
  • ‘It’s no coincidence that the majority of those born on the land in the past 20 years want nothing to do with it.’
  • ‘As southern cotton growers reduced production in return for federal payments, tenant farmers were driven from the land.’
  • ‘Raised in the rural ethos of Mayo, he grew up with an attachment to the land.’
  • ‘Those giving up farming often retain their attachment to the land by keeping their forestry as an investment.’
  • ‘There were no fences, no tractors, no pineapples, no building and cattle were trampling the lands; we have had to start from scratch.’
  • ‘They will point out that even in the settlement people are starting to make their own gardens, while others are joining them in the untilled lands.’
  • ‘He allegedly used state vehicles to take his children to school and also used state property and staff to build structures on his farm and plough his lands.’

2 A country or state.

  • ‘To understand this answer we must study the philosophy of the history of the world, especially in reference to political geography – the various lands and countries.’
  • ‘During her teens, Samerjan was introduced to unusual fabrics from exotic lands by her father, a successful textile manufacturer.’
  • ‘Naturally air conditioned by windtowers which catch the breezes then funnel them below, the Souk is a great marketplace in which to examine products from countless lands.’
  • ‘After establishing himself as an artist in his native land, he decided to immigrate to the United States.’
  • ‘After all, it’s America that is the young country, the republic, the land of informality and classlessness.’
  • ‘Sailors traveling to exotic foreign lands began to collect tattoos as souvenirs of their journeys.’
  • ‘They are fleeing from the dire economic and social circumstances in their own lands to countries that offer them a better future.’
  • ‘Although women could work in slums or in the back country of foreign lands, national suffrage would surely permanently soil them.’
  • ‘Today, the rich bottom land of the Misssissippi is under water and no foreign land has sent a dollar to help.’
  • ‘The reasons for his sudden emergence as a real power in the land were essentially political.’
  • ‘To think of the dads, grandads and brothers who fought in the war to protect our land from Nazis to then see them emerging behind a political party.’
  • ‘Publishers would have to take account of the law of every land on Earth.’
  • ‘You might be under the impression that, for such a beautiful land, they’ve been blessed with a truly ugly language.’
  • ‘Every time one sells or buys a product made from the abuse of others in the so-called Third World nations or their lands makes them guilty of immoral gains.’
  • ‘As he travelled across the land evangelizing at revival meetings he took the lads with him.’
  • ‘The first series proved unmissable with six weeks of first class original music from some of the best bands in the land.’
  • ‘It has been the land of mighty empires, a powerful trading nation rich in culture and civilisation.’
  • ‘Philip Gailey ends his article with a wish for a country he regards as ‘one of the most beautiful and hospitable lands on the planet’.’
  • ‘You won’t find a better dance ensemble this side of that imaginary line that separates the US from the wild and beautiful lands and music to its south.’
  • ‘We made a lot of wonderful friends, saw some beautiful countryside in lands far away, and experienced some incredible receptions along the way.’
  1. 2.1 in combination A particular sphere of activity or group of people.
  • ‘For her the book fair is just a free ticket to fantasy land – one they cannot ignore.’
  • ‘Sitting at your desk, making statues out of paperclips, it’s easy to drift off into a fantasy land of ice cream and beaches.’
  • ‘My ears cannot stand the sound, especially when my mind is still in that ever so far away land of dreams.’
  • ‘Through reading the Harry Potter series, it would seem many want to enter children’s imaginary fantasy lands, too.’
  • ‘Once a person reaches this level of isolation, it is hard to come back to the land of sanity.’
  • ‘Who but one transported by fame into fantasy land could think it?’
  • ‘In using them, we work outside the realm of right and wrong, and within the land of cause and effect.’
  • ‘Do not be afraid of disappearing into a fantasy land of castles, maidens and jousting knights for an hour or two.’
  • ‘She was one of those girls who lives in this fantasy land where absolutely nothing is ever their fault.’
  • ‘She should have been out eating lunch with Barnes at Goldman’s, not in some fantasy land.’
  • ‘But he said anyone who suggested the port would have a cloud of dust hovering over it was in fantasy land.’
  • ‘Too bad that the producers of that series decided to revisit the land of adult insecurities with a whole new cast of characters.’
  • ‘I have already begun to fall back into my fantasy land, my mind’s safe haven.’
  • ‘This is a land of fantasy, adventure and discovery, a place where those dreams become reality.’
  • ‘I think I must live in some kind of crazed fantasy land, when I have absolutely NO self awareness whatsoever.’

3 The space between the rifling grooves in a gun.

  • ‘Since it uses a reverse electroplating process, there’s no abrasive action from bore scouring brushes and no possibility of scratching the lands and grooves.’
  • ‘What is radical about the Briley design is that it is rifled with six, straight, equally spaced lands and grooves.’
  • ‘It’s about 43 inches long, with a 24-inch barrel with one twist and five lands and grooves.’
  • ‘The rotating band contacts the lands and grooves at the forcing cone.’
  • ‘The caliber was 16-gauge and the barrel was rifled with lands and grooves that ran straight as an arrow from breech to muzzle.’

1 with object Put (someone or something) on land from a boat.

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