Apr 15 2018

Kauai Car Rental – Rent a Car from Island Cars located on Kauai, Hawaii – May 20, 2003 update, cars for rent.#Cars #for #rent

cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

Cars for rent

*Special rates starting at just $17.95 per day!*

We at Island Cars want to give you the freedom and mobility of

having an inexpensive car rental while on Kauai – without the

excessive costs of the major car rental companies. Kauai is an

island paradise with so much beauty, peace and true aloha for

all to enjoy. We strive to keep your car rental as affordable as

possible so that you can experience that much more on Kauai.

Here at Island Cars, we believe you should be able to spend

your hard earned dollars on something other than a pricey

rental car. We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate all

those who want to get out and see the wonderful island of

Kauai. For these reasons, we can offer to rent a car to those

under age 26 and also rent a car without a major credit card.

Island Cars offers many car types and styles to choose from.

These range from our new 4-door sedans with all the comforts

of air conditioning, stereo, etc. to our basic transportation car

and truck models for those on a budget or who would like to

‘blend in’ with the local island scene. We also offer seven

passenger minivans as well as SUV models for those with a

special need. Our goal is to put our customers in an affordable

car or vehicle that best suits their desires while here on Kauai.

So the next time you are planning a trip to Hawaii and would

like a rental car to explore the many wonders of Kauai, please

call or email Island Cars for the most affordable, convenient

and flexible car rental company on Kauai! Thanks and Aloha!

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