Sep 13 2017

Intelligent WAN Management via UBM, Hybrid-WAN, WAN Optimization, XRoads Networks, wan optimization appliances.#Wan #optimization #appliances


Intelligent WAN Management

Our patented tunnel bonding, shaping and caching improves application

performance by up to 20x while reducing costs by up to 50%.

Utilize Hybrid SD-WAN

for Faster Remote Office Connectivity

Networks fail, yours doesn’t have too. Optimize your WAN with our VPN Virtualization and broadband Internet connectivity to reduce cost and improve performance.

Cloud Firewalls

Improve security (content filtering, IDS/IPS) and performance for remote offices.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management

Prioritize critical applications, guarantee bandwidth via session-throttling, and employ policy-based traffic shaping.


Quickly identify how your bandwidth

is being used and how to optimize it.

Wan optimization appliances

Cloud Security & Bonding

Intelligent WAN Networking

Wan optimization appliances

Improve Site-to-Site Connectivity

with Hybrid SD-WAN Optimization

Wan optimization appliances

Dynamic Traffic Shaping/QoS

Enhanced Network Caching

About XRoads Networks

XRoads Networks is the inventor of next generation intelligent WAN management functionality utilizing our patented Accelibond, ApeXcache, Adaptiband, and Site2Site technologies.

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  • Wan optimization appliances
  • Wan optimization appliances

XRoads’ News

2016-12-30: XRoads Networks annouces major SD-WAN customer wins in health care and hospitality

2016-11-15: XRoads Networks is a top SD-WAN vendor for TCG Partners

2016-10-30: XRoads Networks is a proud Gold Sponsor for Sandler Partners

2016-09-18: XRoads Networks annouces expanded agreement with national tech franchise

2016-08-04: XRoads Networks deploys brand name customers with ZeroOutages

2016-06-23: XRoads Networks signs contracts for several multi-hundred site deployments

2016-05-14: XRoads Networks releases case studies for new major accounts

2016-05-02: XRoads Networks rolls out latest ZOOM portal services

2016-03-26: XRoads Networks expands partnership with Sandler Partners and agent channel

2016-02-26: XRoads Networks creates separate management division for ZeroOutages

2016-01-10: XRoads Networks launches new agent program for ZeroOutages

2015-09-30: XRoads Networks wins patant lawsuit vs Fatpipe Networks

2015-07-08: XRoads Networks Discusses Outage Affecting United Airlines

2015-06-30: XRoads Networks Discusses Recent Internet Outage

2015-03-02: XRoads Networks Announces BGP Optimization Solutions

2015-01-28: XRoads Networks confirms XOS not susceptible to Ghost

2014-09-24: XRoads Networks launches international XOSv software platform

2014-09-10: ZeroOutages delivers comprehensive reliability services

2014-07-05: XRoads Networks announces BGP acceleration technology

2014-07-01: XRoads Networks granted latest patent on multi-session acceleration

2014-04-11: EdgeXOS platform is not susceptible to the HeartBleed Internet bug

2014-01-15: XRNS Web Acceleration for hospitality provider Jonathan Club

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